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Hello from California!

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Hi, just thought I'd introduce myself. I picked my login name because our kitty, Scout, rules the roost. We had all kinds of "rules" that we were going to enforce. We weren't going to be one of "those people" that lets cats do what they want. Hee. Rules for cats.

Scout soon showed us how it was REALLY going to be. It's so bad that my husband will hold her draped over one arm bouncing her like a baby while doing his work with the other hand because that's what SHE wants. And, "I can't. Scout's sleeping in my lap." is considered a perfectly valid excuse for getting out of doing something.

Anyway, I found the site while looking for help with her one foible or quirk... peeing in her own bed. Ugh. If you've got help for that, head on over to "behavior" for me, will ya?

Thanks! Can't wait to meet all the other kitties.


p.s. here's a link to see some pictures of our pretty girl:
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!

Scout is adorable!! and it looks like she knows how to find stuff to get into!
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Hi, Welcome to TCS!!

Scout is absolutley beautiful!!! I hope to see more pictures of her in the future!!
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Hi and welcome to TCS! Great Pictures!!!

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Welcome! I love your pictures of Scout, but it broke my heart to see them. She looks exactly like my sweet baby, Kitkat, who passed away last year, and whose passing I have yet, if ever, to get over. You're so lucky to have such a beautiful girl.

Good luck resolving her little issue
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Hi welcome to the site.
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You do have your hands full, don't you?! I think the other site members will tell you Scout has "tortitude". She looks like a very happy kitty I have no idea why she would pee in her own bed . Someone has probably experienced this before.

I hope you join us over in the Cat Lounge for some general chat and post more pics of Miss Scout in the Fur Pics Only lounge. Private message me if you need help with anything!
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Hi Scouts Servant. I'm from California, too. What part of Cali are you from? I'm from LA.
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Hi and Welcome
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welcome to you and your kit.....TCS is awsome.....
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Welcome! Those pictures are fantastic!
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Hello and

Scout is just beautiful!!
Chuckie and Spyder used to do that same thing with the clothes rack when they were kittens, wound up breaking a few when they got bigger!
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Thanks for teh welcome! "Tortitude" I love it!! From what I've read about torties, she is a typical one! Very talkative, very feisty, energetic, affectionate, and too smart for her own good!

She's not supposed to be allowed on top of our entertainment center (she goes behind it and then gets into all the wires). So after trying many many things, we put a pan of water on it. She jumped up and got in the water. Didn't like that. It kept her off the center for exactly 1 day. The next day, she managed to calculate her jump so that she was balancing on the edges of the pan and then hopped to the other side of it and then down behind the entertainment center!!

She has somehow taught the dog to ask for the back door to be opened for her (she's an indoor only kitty unless we take her out for supervised playtime). She'll hide behind the cabinets next to the back door. He will go bump the door handle... his signal for "I have to go out." So I'll go open the door, and she'll dart out from behind the cabinet and into the backyard!! Then he'll look at me and go back to his sleeping spot without ever going outside!

HopeHacker, we're from the Central Coast. JadedLaw, sorry about your poor KitKat. I'm sure I will be devastated when Scout's time comes (hopefully MANY MANY years in the future). We've only had her a short time and I already can't imagine life without her.
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Hi! and welcome to TCS!!!

I hope you soon put pic´s of your furbabies on the forums!!!

See you on the forums!
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