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How often to bathe?

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How often should a cat be given a bath? My senior kitty has always hated baths, and it is a two person job to give him one. As a result of me usually being away at college, he hasn't had a bath in quite awhile. But I was just curious if it is recommended that they be bathed every so often or only if they have gotten into something and smell.
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Cats really don't need to be bathed they do a pretty good job of that on their own. Sometimes when they are really dirty you should washy them but you can also get dry powders that help
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I don't think there's any recommended interval. Some people never give their cats baths. On the other hand, I've read of people whose cats take showers with them. Just use your own judgment and give your cat a bath when you feel it's worth the trouble.
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Cat's don't really need to be bathed unless they are long haired, or as you said, get into something. Then others do need bathing from time to time. With my persians, it's much easier to control shedding and mats if I bathe them occassionally. The most I bathe any one of them is once a month. Of course show cats are bathed more often. Just a tip.... using a tub of rinse water with a couple tablespoons of vinegar in it for a final rinse helps restore ph balance of the skin.
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I've found it to be a personal preference... I bathe Ollie once a month just to help with his shedding and such, but it's not gonna hurt if you only bathe them when they get into something.... whatever floats your boat, basically... Oliver doesn't mind his baths, so it's not a probelm for us!
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Well that is good to hear. I've read so many posts about people giving their cats baths, I was trying to make sure that it wasn't something that needed to be done often. My cat hates getting a bath and it is a nightmare to give him one.
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Hey, don't worry unless he is long haired or gets a dirty bum. I bath my cats from an early age so they are used to it.
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I bathe my cats about once a month, or occasionally more if they do something ridiculous like fall in the toilet....They hate it but the Soft Claws makes the job a lot easier, as does a firm hold on the scruff of their neck...
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Harley got into something the other day and I just took a warm wash cloth to him and he looooved it...he just layed there for me purring...it must have felt good for him too! I have yet to put him in a bathtub, that day will soon come!
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it is not required, but i give mine one every month or so.
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I used to give Max baths when he was little, but I don't anymore for the same reason! He becomes a terror with very sharp claws and teeth! So, unless he gets into something or for whatever reason is unable to clean himself, I don't try!!
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