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Indoor only cat gets out -

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How worried should I be? I ask b/c I'm having apt issues (forced to move actually) but yesterday men were working in there all day. Smidge is very slick at darting out the door when opened - and I doubt they watched for her. The owner later noticed her outside and carried her upstairs - but it was a real fight to get a hold of her (5 men had to surround and corner).

Smidge has never been outdoors in my home (until yesterday), but was an abandoned stray at one point. Obviously she survived.

She's rather skittish so I dont think a stranger could get near her. I'm more concerned she wouldnt be "smart" enough to stay near home or run off and maybe get lost.

How "smart" are cats regarding this?
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I'd recommend that you keep her in the bathroom while people are going in and out the door often, working or moving. Stick her box and food/water and some toys in there, and she'll be fine.

Some cats wander off, some don't.
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I agree!!!!
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My cat getting out is one of my biggest worries! I agree with keeping him in the bathroom while the moving people are there. Not only could he get out, but he could get stepped on or have something dropped on him if he tries to run between their feet. How stressful for both of you! good luck!
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Maybe you could crate her while they are doing the moving? It's impossible to say what she is going to do. Some cats stick close to home, but it doesn't mean she isn't going to run off somewhere.
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keeping her segregated is a good idea - BUT there was an electric fire and they had to go in w/o prior warning to me.

that is why I'm so worried about possibilities of what could happen to her.
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