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Way to go Shaq!

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I have to admit, I like Shaq a lot . This makes me like him even more!

Way to go Kazaam!
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Good for him! It's nice to see professional athletes who are more than just overly-muscled thugs
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I heard that he and his wife have provided a lot of help for the victims of Katrina also. Wonder what Kobe baby has done.
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Nice to hear something positive about athletes, given all the negative news about athletics recently.

(I have a little crush on Shaq, too )
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Yeah, I really think the O'Neills seem like good people. First he gets a college degree (even though he makes a gazillion dollars) and now he's trained as a police officer. On top of that, there's the matter of their Katrina donations. Plus, if you've ever seen any interviews with Shaq, he is extremely charming and personable.

I have massive respect for them!
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Yay, I'm so proud of him. As soon as Hurricane Katrina hit he went to Louisiana to help out. He send 3 truck with supplies to La, and visited some of the survivors in Washington D.C. yesterday. Now he helps the police arrest a kid who assaulted a gay couple. I'm so happy he plays for my team. WTG Diesel!

BTW, Kobe visited some of the victims in Houston, he also donated $100 K. You know he only has $137 Million dollars.
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