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I hope I don't get those suckers. I can't use any products on Scaredy, he had a really bad reaction to an anti flea product.
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Originally Posted by fluffysimba
Eucalyptus? Hmmm I definately have some of that. HOW did you place the eucalyptus around the house? I have some oil spray of it.

Supposidly it is the oil that repells alot of nasties. We buy it in the bunches at places like Michaels and JoAnne's. We then arrange them in nice little displays, on the floor, in baskets and decorative vases.

My testimonial to this is when we lived in a little tiny apartment, years ago, with just one cat. We got a huge infestation of fleas, and yes she was indoor/outdoor. It was disgusting. We bought a bunch of eucalyptus and placed it throughout the apartment. We did not treat her as I didn't know about the frontlines and Advantages, and didn't like the chemical crud that was on the store shelves. A couple of weeks later the problem was gone so we have been decorating our current habitation ever since.
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Eucalyptus is supposedly good for helping to eliminate odours in your home. Not a bad thing I would say! I have some in our basement bathroom and it always smells nice in there when we go in even though the rest of the basement can be a bit dampish smelling if you know what I mean.
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The cocoon stage of the flea life cycle is virtually indestructable and can lay dormant in the environment for up to (and I believe over) a year. The fleas will emerge from their cocoons when stimulated by vibrations in the floor, increased carbon dioxide levels and increased temp. This is why if you leave for a long vacation and leave fleas in the house (or move into a house that has been vacant for some time) you will be "attacked" brutally by the fleas.
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What a bummer about the Frontline - Sunday (Persian) was totally infested one time and Frontline worked beautifully on her. She's never had a problem since. Sashka has never had fleas but I wouldn't hesitate to use Frontline if she did. Obviously something in their environment is the real trigger here - the poor things fleas are just awful!

We use Sentinel All-Wormer and flea treatment for Ruby and it's great. But she's just a pup we will switch to something else when she's older probably.
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Originally Posted by RoseHawke
I dunno Katie, that stuff says the active ingredient is Permethrin, 0.25%. Personally I don't think I'd use it anywhere but outside.

could be. I have a friend who did use it inside and vacced supper good. like i said check it throughly before doing it. I havent had to much of a problem with the little boogers. we had them and nuked em. buahah..
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