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Introducing kitten?

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Hi all,

I just wanted a bit of advice. I am soon moving my two 5 year old Ragdolls into their new home (they have stayed in their old home with my parents while I decorated the house)
I've decided that I would like to add to my family in the form of a female Egyptian Mau kitten, I have adored the breed for years now.

I believe my Ragdolls will be much happier as at the moment they live with a bully of a female moggy.

I had my moggies for a year before a got my two Raggies, but they never got on with each other even though I used all the precautions when they 1st met. I really want my Raggies and Mau to get a long so my question is this...should I let my Raggies settle then get a kitten, if so how long should I leave it? Or should I move them in at the same time?

Any help would be wonderful.
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I would definitely let them settle in first. You will be able to tell when they are comfortable in their new surroundings.
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The issue isn't really with them settling in as they are very laid back cats when it comes to their surroundings...I should really have made myself clearer. The main issue is with Lili, Lili hates Isis & visa versa, I introduced then after Isis & Salem had been in their home for a year and did all the smell, keeping them apart etc...But it didn't work that's why Isis & Salem are not coming with me. I want Lili to get along with the kitten and I feel instead of going down the same road as I did before of trying something different. Since Lili will be moving anyway, everything will change for her, therefore if the kitten is there at the same time as she is surely she will feel less threatened by it and accept it. She won't have time make the house her territory and therefore the kitten won't be invading it....if that makes sense
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