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My kitten is not eating

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Hi, We just got a kitten from a shelter about 5 days ago. Since then he has had runny diarrhea and does not eat. We took him to the vet yesterday and his tests came back normal. The vet prescribed a pill to help with his diarrhea as well as an antibiotic. The vet also gave us some wet food for the kitty. He did not eat this morning. Our kitty is 2 months old. Does anyone have any suggestions/feedback?
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What was he eating at the shelter? If you changed to something else, go back to what he was eating at the shelter and then gradually change to something else, if you want him on different food.
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try heating up the the canned kitten food - the smell might do it. Also you might try meat baby food (NO ONION)

.and if he dosen't eat by tonight contact your vet asap - kittens are so fragile !!!
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You are a good parent to know that this is very serious. Has he not eaten anything and the vet thought 4 days without food was O.K.? I am asking because I feel that he is probably not eating well vs. not at all? Naturally there will be a stress coming into a new environment.

Have you tried KMR (milk substitute) soaking it in some dry kibble?

Also, here is a recipe for kitten glop that many recommend : m http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=46295

Maybe some human baby food (chicken flavor) to get the kitten interested in eating?

I am just throwing out some ideas for you. I would certainly insist that the vet take another look at your kitty if she continues not to eat.
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You're right, he is eating, he is just not eating well. Since we brought him home, he has been eating, but very little. He had diarrhea, so we took him to the vet, which he stayed at all day yesterday. She reported he had eaten a little and drank a lot of water. She recommended switching his dry food (from the shelter) to wet food. We're wondering if the type of bowl or environment stressors or change of food may be contributing to this problem. We're using bottle water and the food and water are in glass bowls. Any feedback?
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I doubt that it's the type of bowl. And yes, it could be the change in food.
Silverbook had good advice to call the shelter to see what they fed him/her and gradually switch over

Some kitties are just more sensitive than others. Does the kitten have a "safe place" or little room to go to? Are their other pets/children in the house?
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I read through the whole thread first, you've had some great responses (i.e. kitten glop or kmr would help supplement this little one) and no, I don't think it's the bowls being used or your water. At this age and not feeling well, this little one needs a very quiet place to recover before being out and about with other pets, kids if there are any.

Try the baby food, make the wet food the vet gave you a bit soupy with some warm water, to see if the baby will "drink" more of it then. Do see what the shelter was feeding previously..though I think sticking to wet food for right now is a good idea, once the kitten is feeling better, you can do a gradual switch from the dry the shelter was using to the food you've chosen to feed.

Do not hesitate to get a second opinion, or just get the kitten back if you are seeing no improvement in the diarhea or how the kitten is acting. Make sure this little one continues to drink, you don't want to have the kitten become dehydrated.

I would honestly try gently placing some baby food, or bits of the canned on the kittens lips to get it to lick it off, or gently smear a tiny bit in its mouth..it needs to get eating...not eating causes a lack of desire to eat, it becomes a viscious circle.
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Thanks everyone for your feeedback and advice. It is greatly appreciated.

In response to Pat and Alix, there are no other pets or children in the home.

I will definitely try some of the suggestions offered.
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hey Taby ~ I went throught his EXACT thing last fall. My bf got my two kitties from the pound. One was a two month old kitten... who decided she wasn't going to eat! We took her to many vets, and finally found one that did the most simple thing and it worked!:

1. you said her test results were ok: did they check for worms?

2. try getting a very bland food (i think we had science diet i/d) and you have to put it on your finger and gently shove it to the back of her mouth. And if you have to hold her mouth shut so she had to swallow it.

Also, try putting her face in it or putting a clump on her nose. I know it sounds sad/mean but this is the only thing that helped my kitten. Eventually she caught on. My kitty went down to less then 2 pounds...they thought she could've died: so I know what your going through =/ good luck!
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A stomach ailment might very well trigger a no-eat response.

We also just went through this with our three month old kitten. She ate for the first couple of days, developed constant diarrhea, and then stopped eating for three days straight. She was so weak we were sure she wouldn't make it. Took her to the vet in an emergency trip on a sunday morning.

They hydrated her (shot something into her back to slowly take in), introduced an antibiotic (amoxicillin), some diarrhea medicine (endosorb), admitted her, and kept a very close watch on her for three days. They also might have given her an appetite inducer, but I'm not sure. She ate some solid food while at the vet.

She came back no heavier, but much stronger.

We needed to administer the meds with an eyedropper four times a day for the next 6 days, but it worked, thank goodness. She's now four months old, and up to 4 pounds, and is quite active.

DO seek help and don't be afraid to ask hard questions. The important thing is to keep him hydrated first. Hope things go well.

EDIT: Forgot one thing. Kitten's whiskers can be very sensitive. I read here that a deep bowl might disturb them while they're eating. Some cats are also sensitive to the smell of a plastic bowl. We switched to a shallow ceramic bowl. That seemed to help.
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She may be an extra timid little cat who has had some traumas in her short life and needs time to adjust to her new life.

I would just coax her gently with food, put some on her nose so she has to lick it off. Try to feed her every couple of hours with just a tiny amount of food - a couple of mouthfuls only. If she is drinking a lot that is a good sign.
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