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Originally Posted by ugaimes
I'm so glad Triple S is OK! You're in my prayers guys!
Ditto. Lots of love and prayers going out for Stephanie, Sierra, and Serenity.
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Originally Posted by xocats
Stephanie...you are walking on beach taking pictures during a hurricane?
Sierra and Serenity are probably going nuts! "Mommy, what are you DOING? Come back where it's safe and warm and where you can snuggle with US!!"
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It's a relief to know Stephanie and her sweeties are okay.
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Glad to hear everything is okay! Lots of thoughts and prayers for Stephanie, Sierra, and Serenity
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Oh its so wonderful to hear that they are all okay!!
I can't believe she is out taking pictures! Although I can't wait to see them when she posts them!
All my best wishes are going out to Steph, Sweet Sierra and Serenity!!
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Thanks MA for the up-dated! ..

sending lots of good vibes for those people under the storm.......
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Good news!! Hang in there Steph, Sierra and Serenity!
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They just announced on the local news that they are leting people go unrestricted back to Emerald Isle. They did not lift the curfew until noon, after the damage was assessed.
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that's great news! Thanks for that.
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Like everyone else here, I'm glad Steph and the girls are ok!
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Steph, Sierra & Serenity, so glad my fave girls are aiiiiiiight!
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Originally Posted by Hydroaxe
I took a deep breath before I clicked on this thread.... *SIGHHHHHH.....* I'm glad they're all doing okay.
For sure!! Been wondering about them. Glad they're OK.
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Thanks Ma & Tanya for the updates. I'm glad she's okay, been thinking of her and her kitties since last night. Steph, I hope you get your power back soon.
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Good to hear Steph and her babies are all okay.
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She is still doing fine and the storm is over... but it may take 6 days to get her power back Let's hope not.
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Oh no...6 days?
I so glad that the storm has passed.
Stephanie & her sweet girls are safe.
Thanks Tanya.
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We're back! What a long couple of days! All three of us are quite well! You guys are the absolute greatest! I've missed you soooo much!
Since our power has just returned, I've agreed to take a shift with work in a short while (couldn't have left my girls here without electricity ) I've got a few pics and will reply to each of you in more detail tonight!
Thank you for posting this for us, MA, and for your helpful advice, as always! Thank you, each and everyone one of my dear friends who have sent messages, phoned, exchanged text messages and replied here! What would we do without you! Thank you to our dear friend who talked to me constantly before, during and after the storm, gave me weather alerts and kept me up to date with what was happening as well as our friend who kept us updated with up to the minute weather reports along with sending your love! Also, thank you to my Mentor partners ( chronic worriers, and Beth is on holiday right now in Sicily) for biting off all their fingernails in our honor!
We're so happy to be back!
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and we are so glad that you are back and doing well!!
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SO good to see you posting
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Yaaaay steph I am soo glad that you and the kits are safe......
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How exciting to have you back Steph!! All my thoughts and prayers have been going out to you and your girls safety! We all missed you!
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Glad to see you are safely back.
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pheewww .. glad your okay and the kitties too
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TXT Back: S3 u r so welcome xoxo S3!
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Hi Steph!! Good to see you back. I am glad everything is okay!!!
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WHEW! Glad you guys are ok!! Hope the kits aren't too stressed!! Good to see you back on!!
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well, i guess it didn't take 6 days for power - glad y'all all made it thru!
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Hey Steph, I'm glad you're back.
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Stephanie is back....Hooray.
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Real nice to see you posting, my friend! I'm so glad you and the girls are OK.
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