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What are you AFRAID of?

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Creepy crawly things? Things that go "bump" in the night?

I'm afraid of bats, here's why:

I lived in upstate NY (saratoga springs) for 5 years. The last two year I lived in the second floor of an old house that had been turned into an apartment. In the summer, all the trees in the area of town I lived in would be teeming with bats come night fall.
The first summer I lived in the house, a bat got in not once, not twice, but three times through a tiny hole between the window and the window AC unit ( we think). The first two times we found him at night when he came swooping into the living room. (YIKES).
The third time was worse though--I was taking a shower, turned off the water and pulled back the shower curtain to get out and the bat came flying from in between the shower curtains OUT AT MY HEAD!

I will die about 5 years sooner than I should have because of that incident!

The second summer a bat got in twice as well, though both times weren't quite as traumatic as the shower incident!

What are you afraid of?
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Im afraid of:

Planes-afraid of crashing, dont like the way my body feels when in flight.

Heights- they creep me out

Death- not knowing for sure what happens next.

Moths- one flew in my ear once...not fun

Silverfish - the creepiest bug ever

Ummm i think thats it...
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roaches..... they just freak me out

moray eels.... hate the look of their eyes....
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Spiders seriously creep me out. I'm not even sure why, because I used to play with them, but they're probably the one thing that actually upsets me.

Maybe it's the way their legs move. Whatever it is, I'm training my kittens to be fierce spider hunters, and that's going pretty well.
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Heights - but only when standing in Buildings (I love flying and used to skydive)

Spiders - particulary hairy ones

waking up in the middle of the night and thinking someone is in my house
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The Dark - too many horror films and books!

Fire - I'm terrified of my home being on fire and not being able to catch the kitties in time.

Death - not mine, but my Dads. He's the only family I have and he's also my best friend, I'd be lost without him.

Earwigs - One attached itself to my finger when I was about 8, and I've been scared of them since. Completely irrational since they're about 2cm long, but I'd still jump on a chair and scream if one came near me!
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Spiders - eeuw icky critters

Heights - I can't even look at tall buildings

Narrow Spaces - this one I blame on one of my ex-boyfriends, he thought it would be funny to trap me under a duvet and hold me down for a bit. He got smacked and dumped..twit

Oh and more spiders lol a real scaredy cat on those
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Well lets see....

Heights: I fly for a living and that doesn't bother me but I hate standing on ladders or tall buildings

Deep water: I can swim very well and used to lifeguard (but in a swimming pool) I'm afraid of swimminig in the lake or ocean in water deeper than my knees...too many Jaws movies

Bugs: Especially centipedes the ones that are super tall and run faster than I can

Last but not least...the dark. If Jeff isn't home I sleep with the lights on
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Let's see....

I'm not too keen on the thought of drowning....but I can only think of one thing that I'm afraid of and it's really pretty dumb.....
watching the move "The Ring" again.
That movie creeped me out for some reason, and I usually scoff at horror movies as being really lame.
I won't watch that again.
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Fire, high bridges give me the shivers!
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Heights and Jail.
The second one is completely irrational, but I have always had this fear of being sent to jail mistakenly...I think its the feeling of being locked in. I don't know how criminals do it
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Heights - I get that vertigo feeling in high, open spaces. I guess it's more the fear of falling, bc I'm fine in a plane.

Deer - This started my sophomore year of college. I was pledging my sorority and was driving a couple girls home with my friend when I just started seeing them everywhere on campus (Piscataway has tons, I wasn't hallucinating, lol). I got so freaked I made my friend drive my car back to our dorm. It got worse when I moved to Plainsboro, NJ with my boyfriend at the time. It's the kinda place where you need to drive through the unlit woods just to get to a highway. I barely went out at night, bc I was so freaked out. Then one night we hit one when he was driving his pickup and it was soooo scary. So long story short deer are my BIGGEST fear.
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Cockroaches/palmetto bugs (the EXTRA big cockroaches we have here in the South). Also, I'm afraid of being home alone at night with the power out. That'd be too scary!
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The doctor!
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Lets see...

Death...mine and my family...I dont know how I could ever deal with any of my family members dying (had 3 deaths in the last 2 years, not fun)

The DR! ...you never know what their gonna poke you with next

Oh, and aliens...anything to do with them, shows, creeps me out like none other!!
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I fear small, enclosed spaces. I'm a total Claustrophobe. Elevators freak me out. Really small cars, freak me out.

I also fear NEEDLES. One of the main reasons I gave birth naturally was because I was soooo afraid of that 12 inch long needle most women get impaled into their spines. I prefered to feel the whole birth process than have that ... epidural or whatever it's called, stuck in my back. eek!
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I'm claustrophobic, so no tunnels.
I have a recurring dream where I am trapped in a car that is sinking in water, so that is a terrible fear.
Roaches, some of you will remember why from an old post I made...traumatized when I was two by hundreds of the disgusting things.
And I have a horrible fear of something happening to one of my children, especially Braeden.
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Flying insects--all of them except butterflies. Even a fruit fly freaks me out, I keep thinking they will fly into my nose while I sleep.

Fire--it was important that when we were looking for an apartment, we be on the first 3 floors, with a balcony, near the fire exit, and with a tree infront of the balcony so i climb down if I have to.(that took forever to find but we did it!

Giving birth--this is my biggest fear, one of the reasons I don't want to have children I hope it goes away though...
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All bugs... every single kind.
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Dogs (even some small ones )
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My family went out on a picnic when I was a little toddler and my brother (4 yrs older than me) found a snake so he brought it over to show us and I reached out to touch it with my finger and the snake PROMPTLY BIT ME!


When I was 6 or 7 years old, I was told by parents about this because I had FREAKED out at a birthday party for a cousin who had a pet snake. I couldn't understand why I was so terrified of ANY snakes.

I have this scar from the snake on 1 of my fingers. Parents said as the snake bit, my brother panicked and pulled so the fangs tore through my finger. Dad trapped the snake then rushed me me to the ER to check for poison. After an hour of seeing a stupid DR who was scared of snakes himself try to test the snake for poison, another doctor came in, asked what was up and after hearing what happened.. He said, "The snake is not poisonous." The other dr asked how he knew without testing, and the 2nd dr looked at him and said "If the snake was poisonous, that kid would have been dead by now." and walked off.

I cannot even watch a movie or tv show that has snakes in it. I have a SERIOUS phobia of snakes.
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And most every other bug on the planet!

Falling(in a plane)- I love to fly, but I dont deal with turbulence well, I dont like when the plane falls a couple of feet and you feel weightless. That scares the living hell right out of me.

Originally Posted by Nebula11
Moths- one flew in my ear once...not fun
I thought I was the only one...
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Originally Posted by darkeyedgirl
I also fear NEEDLES. One of the main reasons I gave birth naturally was because I was soooo afraid of that 12 inch long needle most women get impaled into their spines. I prefered to feel the whole birth process than have that ... epidural or whatever it's called, stuck in my back. eek!
I don't like needles either, and I've always thought that I'd rather give birth naturally than get an epidural! Do you regret it? Wish you would've gotten the epidural?

I don't like needles, knives, bees, wasps, or spiders. Needles and knives give me an uneasy feeling when I'm around them; spiders are just icky, and even though I've never been stung, I will run away from bees and wasps, screaming like a loon. Heights make me uneasy too.

A completely irrational fear I have is being absolutely alone--like everyone I know dying all at once.
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Death - The fear of the unknown bothers me. It was heightened when my brother was killed suddenly at a young age.

I am uneasy with certain aspects of heights....especially when I'm on a small surface and am up high.
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Originally Posted by Pamela
....same here....... ........
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Creepy crawly things, especially roaches/waterbugs. Have had some pretty traumatic experiences (at least for me!) with these grotesque creatures.
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
The doctor!
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I'm actually afraid of a LOT of things.

I'm terrified of bee's
I'm afraid of elevators, I won't get in one alone.
I'm starting to get scared of escalaters, which is silly
I'm scared of driving on the freeway
I'm scared of the dark.
I'm scared of being out in the middle of nowhere.
I have more phobia's but thats enough.
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I`m afraid of Doctors and dentists and fire!(not sure whitch the most)
I don`t like spiders....but like other bugs.
Love flying...but am afraid of heights where I feel like I could "free fall"
Not afraid of "being dead"....just the possibility of being in a ton of pain on my way There!
Guess that`s about it.
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Originally Posted by mferr84

I thought I was the only one...
lol....yeah it was during a black out...My friends decided to shine a flashlight in my ear to "Attract" the moth...yeah that didnt work, I had to go to the hospital....but as soon as they called me in to see me it fell out.....I hate moths
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