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You didnt leave any for me?!?!

As with any cat, if there is a box on the floor, its her new favorite play house. This kind of box is her favorite though, just because she can hide, but can still see out.

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What an adorable picture!!!
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Oh my gosh, that is SO cute!
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Funny and so cute!
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That pictures just made my morning!
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That's a brilliant picture! My Molly would love a box like that!
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Hahahahaa! That's classic.
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Excellent picture!
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That is adorable!!!
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That is so cute!
Reminds me of Harley, he LOOOOVES beer boxes (and other boxes like that too!)
Thats a very adorable picture!
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Too cute! And funny!
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What a fab picture! Looks like there's an awefully pretty kitty hiding in there!
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Please.......give me one please! ...........
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That picture is great!!! That could win any contest!!!
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Too funny!!! Maybe you should contact the company to see if he could be in advertising.
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Tooo cuuuute!
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