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Trimming Nails

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Hi there everyone. I've posted a number of questions before and have had such good feedback that I thought I'd see what you all think of this. A few weeks ago, I got a kitten from a lady in the newspaper. Well, I've always kept my other cat's nails trimmed (about once a week) from the time she was a baby - about the age of my new kitten. In the beginning it was a challenge, and I had to wrap her in a blanket, but now she's great. Unfortunately, with this new kitty, I can't get her to let me trim them at all. I've tried everything I can think of - when she's sleeping (she wakes up), on my lap, wrapped in a blanket, while holding her scruff. Nothing works - she squirms and scratches to get away. I need to get her claws trimmed. They're at a lethal length and she's scratching up my kiddos (and my legs she decides I'm a tree). Any suggestions short of brining her to the vet?

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I would suggest having a friend hold her by the sruff of the neck and around her midriff. This gives you two hands free to clip her nails. Since I live alone, I try clipping nails (I have 8 cats)by putting the cat on the floor between my legs and literally sitting on them. They can't really get loose until you're finished with them. Another technique is to wait until they're sleeping. Talk softly to them while you clip their nails. By the time they wake up, you're finished.

Good luck!
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Try this thread:


It seemed to work for Megan!
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