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Need Help with Stray Kitten

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Hi guys,

New here someone suggested I post this question here.

I am a wildlife rehabber and I have questions on this kitten I got in the other day.

Last Saturday I got 3 6wk old kittens in. I don't normally do domestics but I couldn't turn these guys away. One passed due to maggots had already gotten to the intestines. Both were VERY emaciated and dehydrated. The littlest of the two left I took to the vet, she had an eye infection and was just very lethargic. Tested negative to FIV, Feline Leukemia and worms. Dr put her on .3cc Albon the first day and .1cc everyday thereafter. The lady who had them before me was feeding them similac and canned 9 lives... I switched them over to KMR and stayed with the 9-lives for a few days to not jolt the system too much. I have transferred them over to Purina One, Kitten Growth and Development with yogurt, which I soften with KMR.

I have also sub q'd one time, which the dr suggested. She doesnt seem dehydrated, should I sub q again?

Well, it is now Wednesday and still having problems with the diarrhea. Which could be the antibiotics... infection still working it's way out etc....

Does anyone have any ideas what I can do at this point that maybe I haven't thought of?

They are both using a potty box wonderfully, as a matter of fact, I have them in a large cage in my room with a lined box (heating pad underneath) a small version of a litter box, food and water, the bigger of the two will climb to the edge of their lined box and meow at me, I will ask it what, meows again and I say "well, go" and he will go to his potty box.. Kinda funny he asks for permission almost! His stools are more so solid, not "up to par" yet but well on the way.

So if anyone has suggestions I would appreciate it.

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As you obviously know, diarrhoea can be caused by all sorts of things - a change of food, medicines, worms.... When she tested negative for worms did they do a full fecal panel? Because often there can be parasites that do not show up on the first tests and are not treated by simple worm tablets. Most feral kittens have worms so it would be unusual if she did not. I have two right now that were initially treated but are now having to be redone for nematodes and tapes. Good luck with them, and bless you for taking them in!
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Since this is more of a health issue, I'll move this to Health & Nutrition.
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