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doggie question ...

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Is there such a thing as a 4 legged doggie sweater? It's coming up on fall and when Kellie has to go out she invariably brings about half the forest back in with her (for those of you who don't know, Kellie is a Pekingese --- think walking rug!) in the form of leaves, twigs, grass, etc. I thought perhaps I could braid her skirts (I've done it before) and put a little sweater or t-shirt type thingie or something on her to minimize the leaves and things she brings in, but most of the sweaters I'm finding just cover their front legs and not the belly or back legs (obviously you'd need to leave their "parts" free .) You'd think it'd be a trade off between either getting my pup into a sweater or cleaning up the leaves she tracks afterward, but I think it'd be much easier to keep her clean to begin with.

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Not sure - I thought I had seen them but now that I'm thinking about it I think they are only for the front legs and back.

What are you like at knitting?? Maybe you could knit one for her!!
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Very sad . Knitting and crocheting are about the only crafty things I've ever "failed" at *sigh*. But I can make pots and renovate kitchens !
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You cuold just try a baby footie onsie and cut the footies out and make room for the parts..thats what i did for a friends peke
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There are some here: http://www.trixieandpeanut.com/index.html I can't link to the pages they're on, but you just click on Apparel, then Sweatshirts & Thermals.

Here's what they look like:

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ooo, so cute.lol

Yeah.. they are a bit more expensive than other sweaters, but, whatever works. I am looking into getting a full one for my friends chihuahua for her birthday... trying to find a good one, thast cheap.
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Originally Posted by Leto86
ooo, so cute.lol

Yeah.. they are a bit more expensive than other sweaters, but, whatever works. I am looking into getting a full one for my friends chihuahua for her birthday... trying to find a good one, thast cheap.

i have several "ski" suits for my hairless chinese crested-- they are extra small in size and HUGE on my crestie-- she weighs 9 pounds- one is fleece and the other is like a windbreaker material on the outside and fleece on the inside-- she wears these when we go to Mountain View Arkansas for thanksgiving to see my grandmother. I bought them online, i think but i do have one that i got from Petsmart that is sweatshirt like material-- it was 16 bucks or so and they still carry the style every year. Calista's is red in color.

I have never seen a crocheted or knitted 4 legged sweater. ill see if i can dig up the website i bought Calista's 4 legged ski suit and fleece suit off of tomorrow for you.

Calista has this one too-- i hate it though- its horrible and a PITA to put on :

I found this one too-- i might even buy this one for Calista for our chilly Mississippi winters! lol ( cheap too about 10 bucks and its a reputable online company)
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Those pictures are so cute!!! Oh I want one for Ruby....
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OMG, my lab mix would love a snuggly fleece suit for winter.
Poor guy is permanantly bald on the insides on his legs and his chest, but man you should see him dance when I get his fleece jacket out.
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I use mostly baby fleece coverall as a snowsuit for Gigi my 11 lb yorkie...
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You might be interested in a design similar to the ones in the following links. They aren't woolly materials but body waterproofs. If it's wet then ultimately the joggy suits would end up dirty and wet. If it is a Pekinese with a full coat you might also prefer an item of clothing which won't over heat her.

Anyway these are just suggestions and are more of a practical nature rather than a fashion statement, you will need to scroll down to some of the items:

Go to Active wear then Waterproof/Windproof
Full Body Rain Suit

I've seen items similar to these used by people who show dogs, not necessarily in the rain but as a way to take them out and about without them getting all dirty prior to showing.
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Sorry I didn't get back to this sooner, I hit the sack right after I posted this question!

Thanks for the great suggestions everyone!

Coeluracat: It looks like the jumpsuit might work. Yeah, she's a full-coated peke---show quality although she's been spayed of course, so you can imagine what her coat is like! When her skirts are in good shape (i.e. I keep them groomed timely) they will drag on the ground 3 inches or so, and her belly fur is long enough to drag a bit also. Never mind the feathers on her front legs! So I need something that will keep that hair contained for the little bit of time she'll be out doing her business. Heat won't be so much of a factor since she'll only be wearing it for a short time, and during the spring and summer it's not so much of a problem (picking up sticks and leaves) in any case.

I may end up making something, but if I could find something ready-made it would simplify matters of course.
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