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flea problem

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When I got my cats they were supposibly flea free. Now my house is infested with fleas. I was told to by borox and put that on the furniture and carpet let it sit for about 30 miniutes and vacumm well. While you do this lock your pets up so they do not get into it and it will destroy the fleas. Has anyone else heard this or tried it? Is it safe for the pets? Don't want to harm my babies.
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I would buy Frontline, Advantage, or Advocate flea drops, put it on kitty, then lock up kitty in the garage and let off a flea bomb (everything living must leave the house for 3 hours, but your cat can stay in the garage if it's closed off).

The other stuff won't get them all, because at this point they're everywhere in the house, not just on the carpet and furniture. A flea bomb/fogger will fill up most of the house and is supposed to stay effective for 5-10 days.
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Does a fogger/bomb leave recidue around? Meaning; if kids touch the wall/couch or whatever and then stick their fingers in their mouths, do they get these recidues in them?
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