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Eighties music

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I love all types of music, but the one that really puts me in a good mood is music from the eighties and early nineties. And recently, a station began playing it and I love it. It reminds of junior high and high school when I listened to it all the time. I LOVE Jon Bon Jovi. Here is all the music thats been playing: Tears for Fears(Shout!), Information Society, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Phill Collins, Billy Idol(I don't like him, just his music), Cindy Lopper. Also some real rockers. Bon Jovi(Love him), Def Leppard, White Snake, Van Halen, Journey, Styx(Mr. Roboto), John Mellencamp(Jack and Dianne), INXS(music not the group), Dire Straight, Boy George(culture club), George Michael, Blondie, Madonna, Bananarama, Joan Jett(I love Rock and Roll), REO Speedwagon, Heart, Poison(Every Rose Has its thorn), Heaven by Warrant, Europe, Rick Ashley, Erasure, UB40, Petshop Boys. I will come tomorrow with a list full of all my music. I am really living it now!

Here is a picture of Bon Jovi. I couldn't find a good one with his long hair! But really nice!
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I like Bon Jovi also. He is so exciting to watch perform. I've never seen him in person just on television. I like a lot of the other ones you mentioned. I like songs that I consider good even if they are in the sixties, seventies, eghties and nineties. I guess I am an equal decade listerner.
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I love 80's music!! And I love Jon Bon Jovi....he is on Alley McBeal now!
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The only eighties music I really like is Metallica. Some other bands I like are Default, Nickelback, Sepultura and Pantera. I likes lots more, but those have to be my favorite!
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Another Nickelback fan here Can't say as I like 80's music much. I'm into the newer Alternative stuff..Linkin Park, Disturbed, Puddle of Mudd, etc. I used to like Bon Jovi when I was younger. I think I was in grade 5 or so when the song 'Bad Medicine' came out.
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80's music was good, it played it's part in the constant change of music...I pretty much appreciate anyone that has talent. I love to play the guitar, but I like to play stuff that's a little more classical oriented, I like to pick, I don't want to depend on other devices to make the instrument sound better than what I really play. Alot of guitarists make that mistake and don't play well because they really don't hear themselves play. It's the effects and that's not giving them any clear message as to how their fingers are performing...kinda cheating! hahaha! So, to each his own... Whatever blows your skirt up heehee

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I, too, like all kinds of music, but since we have a new all 80's radio station, I have been listening to that a lot lately. Haven't heard some of this stuff in a long time.
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After I read this Thread, I went and listened to some 80's music and I was getting into it and all of a sudden I thought of how I met my X husband....then I went into this labyrinth of chronological memories.....blech...kinda like Tales from the Crypt....I shut the radio off and picked up my guitar for a while...what a nightmare

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I love all music, but I've got to say that 70's & 80's hold a special place in my heart. Groups like Journey, Stix, Queen are some of my all time favs. Pat Benetar, Sheena Easton & Bonnie Tyler were great! A Canadian I miss is Luba. This music brings me back to a good time with good memories!
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80's music Rocks.......
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I just love 80's music.....especially...blondi and Adam and the ants.....and and and gosh I could go on all day...
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My husband really loves 80's music. I think he has every song recorded during that decade (and I'm really not exaggerating much!). We were in high school then, so the songs really bring back some memories. Our Direct TV has an 80s music channel - pretty neat.
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Oh Thanks Dawn! Now I want a DirectTv. Hey, there is a company called convergys and one of the products they help sell is a direct TV, maybe I will apply and get it for free. HAHAHAHA!
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Yep Dawn, I have DishNetwork, basically the same thing as DirectTv, and when my son comes over, the first thing he does is start scrolling through the music channels! He usually ends up on Love Songs or 70's, or anything with Motown music! (he has strange tastes for a 23 year old!)
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I LOVE 80's music, my girlfriends and I saw Bon Jovi like 6 times in High school(yes we looked like hookers with HUGE HAIR for the shows).
I love Metallica too! Seen them like 3 times-THEY ROCK LIVE!!! But my ALL TIME FAV is of course LED ZEPPLIN!

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Wow...Mowtown!! The boy's got some rhythm 'eh! That's great!

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Rhythm...yeah...now if he'd just get a job! (we need a Slacker smilie!)
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It's amazing to me how the younger kids are really getting into Floyd, Zeppelin the Doors...etc..!!! I think it's great...I'm not so hot on the newer stuff...sounds so much like garbage...not all of it, just some of it.

Then again, there was alot of bands back then that sucked too! :laughing2 :laughing2

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Will this do for now? :laughing2

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