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I lost my precious friend

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yesturday I had to do the hardest thing I thought I ever had to do, I had to put my 6 yr old diabetic cat Sadie down. Monday nite I had the worst nite of my life my cat is diabetic and started to seizure and cunvuls which led to a comotose state so at 11:30 at nite I got a hold of my vet and took her in. the next day we had a very hard dissision to make the diabetes was just one of her problems she was also on antideppressants for scratching herself until she bled and bled we've been going to the vet alot lately to try to help her but tuesday the vet said she doesn't seem to stablize we've tried different dosages of insulin and couldn't find the rite dose her body just wouldn't stablize. with the coma and her going into shock, the vet said it could happen again. (what if during the day when I'm at work for 9 hrs) anyways she was the best little girl and my other cat Squirt who was like a mother to Sadie is a little down she sences it I'm sure. but I just needed to talk about it and we brought her home and in her favorite spot under her tree. She was 6 and I enjoyed every minute no matter what, my 3 yr old son is a little confused but still asks and calls for her when we got home today so then we went to the tree and talked to her and told her we loved her and miss her.
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I'm so sorry to hear about your loss of Sadie!!
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I'm sorry for your loss. It's so hard to part with our beloved pets.
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I'm sorry for your sounds like you did everything you could for Sadie. She is at peace now & in no pain.
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I am so sorry about your loss. Please know that you did all you could and that sweet Sadie is in a better place. You will see her again.....

RIP Sadie
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We are all thinking of you. Take comfort in the precious memories of Sadie. It is hard when we lose our pets. Those of us who are experiencing it know your feelings.
Sadie was blessed to have a family who loved her so much.
Sadie, rest is peace sweet one.
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I am so sorry for your loss. I have heard that insulin can sometimes be tricky to regulate but luckily I haven't had to deal with that yet.

RIP Sadie
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Rest in peace, Sadie. I know that for some cases of diabetes, the blood sugar is just very unstable, and despite your best efforts, you cannot get it under control. How difficult to lose your cat to such an illness.

I hope you will stay on TCS and keep posting. There are many people here who understand a bit of what you are feeling right now.
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Awwwww bless her heart! And we all feel your pain right now but do what Hissy does with her cats, which is to sit down with Squirt and tell her whats happend to Sadie, because your right she will know that somethings happend, and giving comfort to each other will help you both through this awful sad time

I love it how both you and your son have talked to Sadies grave because this will help him as well

RIP Sadie sweetheart and run and play with the other kitties
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I am so sorry for your terrible loss. RIP poor Sadie
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I'm so sorry to hear about your loss
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RIP sweet Sadie.
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thank- you all who read my post and gave you thoughts it's appreciated very much I'm still having a bit of a hard time especially when I come home or leave in the morning from our old routine everyday of her insulin and pills and the little prrs at the end of my feet every nite. and squirt i think is still looking for her she always wants to go outside more now but anyways thank-you all again I'm glad I have this web site now I wish I found it before when sadie was sick and I did'nt know what to do
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I am really sorry for the loss of your precious Sadie. I know exactly what you're going through because I put my beloved Chelsea down to rest last Tuesday and it was the hardest decision I've ever make. She was very sick due to kidney disease and she was 16 years old. I know she's in a better and happy place over at the Rainbow Bridge. I missed her terribly and am still crying but she's happy over there now, no more pain for her. I know how much you loved your Sadie and may she rest in peace. Hugs to you! RIP Sadie!
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