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Ugh. I about lost it when I heard that. Unless she has a really narrow pelvis which makes giving birth impossible, it would be a lot easier on her to have the baby natural. And with her doing all the dancing, etc, that she's done since she was a child, you know she's in great shape and works out frequently. Which is very good for you when you are pregnant. I walked about 2 miles a day (out of necessity) and took care of two horses every single day when I was pregnant. I had a totally natural birth (no drugs) and was ready to go home long before the hospital would let me (Mediciad makes you stay 72 hours for a first time birth). Although it WAS about 6 or 8 weeks before I felt like riding my horse again! I have stretch marks, but no scars!

Way off topic, I was watching "Celebrity Cattle Drive" and OMG are these people ever raised SHELTERED!!!! Heading for a charity cattle drive, worried about if they'll be able to plug in thier straightening irons and hair dryers. the trail boss put it best "I would not be half the man I am today if I was raised like these guys have been raised." And one of them was so weak she couldn't lift a 40lb saddle shoulder high to saddle the horse. I routinely lift 40 pound bags of dog food up on my shoulder, LOL! 40 pounds is NOT that much weight, especially not for a normal healthy person in thier mid 20's.

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I am not a fan of britney, but congrats to her anyway.

A c-section is not fun, mine was botched because somehow the anesthesia was not working on my right side and I could feel everything, boy was it sooo painful - the dr had to give me 2 shots of morphine and it was not until it was over that it began to work and i passed out.

I dont know her reasons for having a planned c-section, the scar is not that big and hardly noticeable - but if I could, I would rather have it natural, my tummy muscles are sooo bad now!
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Originally Posted by OllyExtra05
From what I hear, having a C-section sounds like the way to go! You can pick the date and time, go in, and then it's done! although i hear the recovery is not fun.
I say, whatever makes you happy, go for it! Its not hurting anybody!
I know many people that have had scheduled c-sections. I also think it would be they way to go! And I have had surgery similar to the incisons scars it leaves. I also say, whatever makes you happy!
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