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New Cat Establishing Dominance...or MEAN?? HELP!!!

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You guys have been really great at walking me through the new cat/old cat introductions. I've had Mercy for about 2 weeks now and I thought it was about time for new cat/old cat to meet!!

They are nearly the same age, but old cat is nearly twice new cat's size. And, since old cat is a total alpha male and the new cat is, well, new, I assumed that my old cat would immediately establish dominance.

Well, my new cat trotted around, tra la la la la, while my old cat sat stiffly on the floor, watching with pupils the size of dinner plates, growling softly. When new cat finally approached old cat, old cat shrank back. New cat approached on stiff legs and then cuffed old cat, hard, right in the face!!! Old cat just hissed and shrank back...this happened many times. New cat backed old cat down time and again, and old cat just hissed and shrank back. New cat totally pushed him around!! This is crazy because new cat is so small and has such a gentle, mild personality!!

I finally put him up because I didn't want him hurting my old cat, even though he wasn't using his claws. Besides, my old cat seemed pretty traumatized. I know it's normal for cats to establish dominance, but what about this hitting? New cat wasn't hissing or growling, just seemed very matter of fact. Does this mean that he'll become the dominant cat? Is this bad and does it mean that they should be separated for more time? Please, please, please help!!!
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I'd say the new cat is the new boss cat!!

I doubt if he'll actually hurt the old cat.
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Try mingling their scents. Pet one & immediately pet the other...try taking a string or shoelace & playing with both. When using a string or shoelace, one will usually grab one end and the other cat will grab the other end...they will be playing together without realizing it...then they will realize it

I would let them be and stop seperating them. The more you seperate them the more the less social they will be together. I've introduced little ones...6 wks. old to an alpha 2-year old male Persian. There was some rough play but because I never really seperated them, they had one & other's scent.

Good luck.
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Hi Julia123...Wow, I could have written that myself! LOL. I have been in the process of introducing Cassie and Napoleon since July...on and off in July, then full-time in August till now. It's been a struggle, not only for the cats but for me too! It started out with Napoleon acting out at night when we were all sleeping...then Cassie just hissing and growling at him all night...to him wanting to be fed at some time, and they just fought CONSTANTLY. Not mean or fur flying or blood or any kind of fighting like that...just fighting enough to get *me* stressed out LOL.

Your cats are DEFINITELY trying to establish dominance. Leesali gave you good advice on intermingling their scents, try to keep them separated when you are not supervising them, but definitely try to socialize them together by playing with them and giving them yummy treats as bonuses for their good work.

Also, there is a definite pecking order involved in introducing new cat to old one. One needs to establish dominance. They need to work it out amongst themselves -- I had to engage a behaviorist because my resident cat (Cassie) was not establishing that with Napoleon at all. She was pretty reluctant to do so. She still is, but she is going through the motions...if he sits in a territory she considers *hers* she will run over, smack him, and he moves! Sometimes she gets upset and screams at him, but it has gotten better...

My cats have definitely been a pain in the butt but I just love them so much. I want to work it out.
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