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Sooo Cute!  

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Maybe some of you have seen this before, but it's sooo cute...they added different pics and make sure you have your volume turned up a little so you could hear their precious little voices

Cute little kitties

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thanks for posting that!

I was griping while cleaning, scrubbing, rinsing, and refilling the litterboxes, then sat here and saw those darling babies! Of course I had to snuggle Cagney and Rudy (Lily's sprawled across the hangers in the closet...she's a freak), and this chore wasn't so bad all of a sudden!
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They are all absolutely precious and totally adorable!!!!!! I really liked the sound of a cat purring at the end too.
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Cute, cute, CUTE!!!!
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OMG OMG!!!! Im getting the urge to have some serious "kibby sammiches"!!!!! Mmmmm!!! TOOOO CUTE!!! Geesh now I want another one!!! LOVED the kitty on the piano!!! To die for!!! Ooooowwwwweeeeee!!!
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Oooooo...he was cute too!! The one I really thought was soooo adorable was the little guy standing up! hahaha! Did you see the bewwy! hahaha Kibby sammich's; all of 'em! :laughing2 :laughing2

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Oooo yes!! The little guy that had "born to dance" written above him!!! Oooo oooo oo!!!! And the little one asleep on a bench thingy with his ickle round squishy cheeks!!! Mmmm mmmm And the one with his paws in the air!! Oooooweeee!! Just wanna pop'em in yer mouth!!! hahah
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Waaaaahahahaha!!! Oh yes, like a little Kibby Snack! heehee!!! Let's split them Rhee...Ooooo...hmmmm....yes, but you don't like sharing!! Let go...give me that one...I saw him first!!! Hands off! :laughing2 :laughing2 Little bogart; you are! :laughing2

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Hey now. There are enough of them to go around! Just line up and snuggle & pass, snuggle & pass! I loved the one asleep on the little recliner/lawn chair!
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Oh yes, and the hammock!!

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