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Cosy the Frog

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I was at PetSmart today and saw these cute little Halloween "costumes" (just hats) for cats. They had a frog, a leopard, and a pumpkin. I bought the frog with Eponine in mind, but she HATED the hat (it was off before I could get a picture). So, without further ado...Cosette the frog!

Cosette: Could I be any cuter mama? Me: Nope, not possible!

Think my friends on The Cat Site will think I look cute, too?

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Oh my, Cosette, you're so incredibly precious!Your Mama must just adore her little frog!
Wow, now we must check Petsmart!
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Just Lovely!!!
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aaaaaaawwwwwwwww ....what a lovely "Green" flower! ....
Amy, and she said "Rid it", "Rid it"?...........
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funny pictures, and I know exactly how hard it is to get one of those with the hat on straight, or on at all by the time you get the camera focused!

Good work
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Aww, ribbit, ribbit cuteness!
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Oh my goodness, that is soooo adorable!! I just absolutely love it!!
post #8 of 27 are the cutiest froggie that I have ever seen.
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thats funny
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Too Too Cute!!
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I love it! I just bought a witch hat for Abby today at Petsmart, but I haven't been brave enough to try it!
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Awwww, Cosy! You make a very cute frog!

I love the second picture, 'Get it off!'
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What a cute little froggy!
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Awwwwwwww She looks like she's being eaten up by the frog

Rosie and Sophie would go beserk if i put that on them
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Oh my gosh, that really made me laugh

Cute little Cosette!!
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I love frogs and Cosy makes a lovely one!!! Awwww thanks for the pics!
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Rosie and Sophie would go beserk if i put that on them
So would Guinness....!
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Oh my goodness that is too cute! She's all ready for a fun night on Halloween!!! I can't believe she actually kept it on though!
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Hehe, thanks guys
Cosy is a good sport. She didn't LOVE it and I took it off as soon as I took those pictures . But it was worth it just to get those pictures .

I'm hoping someone will come out with a kitty Santa hat soon because I'd like to take pictures of the girls in Santa hats to send out as Christmas cards .
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HA! That is adorable! LOL! I'm sure she just gave you that look like, "Mom, why you doing this to me?" And then you say back, "But little Cosy you look sooo cute, let Mommy take some pictures!!" I do the same things to Cody!!! My BF just looks at me laughing shaking his head!!!
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Cosy makes one adorable little frog!
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AAAAAAwwwwwwwww----she's such a cute little froggy. Thanks for the pics, Amy. That really put a smile on my face
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very cute!!!
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AHAHHAAHA!! Aww, she makes a precious frogs!! I wouldn't dare try that on Max! He'd never forgive me, and I like my fingers in one piece!
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Awww..and I used to think Kermit was cute. He's got nothing on Cosy!
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Thanks everyone! I'm just amazed I was able to get a few pictures of her before she got angry with me!

Originally Posted by sunnicat
Awww..and I used to think Kermit was cute. He's got nothing on Cosy!
Aw, thanks . I'm pretty proud of my little croaker!
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