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Worried now.....

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Alright, this morning I wasn't too concerned, but I ran across a few comments about feeding adult cats kitten food, and now I'm all out worried.

Pansy has been eating Odin's kitten food. As I'm gone most of the day and the lil boy needs to eat, there's no way to monitor Pansy to prevent her from chowing down on the dry. Even the wet, packet stuff, she shoves him out of the way and refuses to touch hers.

I'm reading bits and pieces about liver and kidney damage in cats who've eaten kitten food and I want to know if anyone has any reliable links to studies or information regarding this. Or if this is old-wives-tale kind of thing.

I love my babies to death, I would never do anything detremental to their health.

Am I unknowingly hurting Pansy?
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I think a "for kittens and cats" formula will do the trick for you. If you would like to learn more overall about kidney failure in cats, this site Feline Crf dot Org is just awesome.
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Ditto the above . Some cat food manufacturers call it "all stages" food. It can safely be fed to cats of any age.
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