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Introducing myself

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I would like to say that I am looking forward to reading threads and receiving information off of this forum.
I am 43 and married happily; Also have 3 cats & 2 dogs.
I had always been a dog lover but not a cat, until my wife brought home first 1 really small Kitty we started bottle feeding, Then a while later she came home from work again with another kitten,This one to was small and had to be bottle fed;We had to do the mothers job and teach them to use the restroom by using a warm rag or toilet paper.
But now we have 3 all of them together, I love my cats and would be scared if someone hurt them because they are my babies.
I read a sign one time that said, If you hate cats, You were probably a rat in your past life.My Cats are my children and it hurts for me to see them fight so much.
The 3rd cat is newer and a little younger, she is timid and shy other 2 1 spayed female & 1 cut male start fight with her the min. the door is open. We have to keep her in a seperate room.
Is there anything I can do to make these 3 cats at least quit fighting
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Well, the older ones need time to adjust to the new arrival. They should be separated for awhile. One good thing to do is to let the older cats have something that has the new cat's scent on it, and vice versa.

BTW, welcome to the site.
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HI Welcome to the catsite. I am new here too, everyone is very helpful and friendly. How long have you had the newest cat? Definatley try what Deb said. Once they adjust to the new cats scent it maybe easier for her to be accepted.

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That was so nice that you were willing to take a risk and now look at cha! You're a cat lover! hahaha!! That's what happens; they OWN you! hahaha!
Well, sounds like you have a great family there and I'd take the sugesstion already given to you...they'll all come around...it takes time. However; I should warn you that my little girl only gets along with one of my cats...poor thing. The other boys try to beat her up all the time. I have to keep her separate, but in the past few weeks, it hasn't as been as bad...Thank God for that. I felt so bad for her, but that's very rare.

Chin up, keep the faith and have fun with all of the babies!

Happy Posting!
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I hope you enjoy it here...sorry I am late with my welcome!
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