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Cat attacks :(

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Hey guys, I love Darwin to death, but, sometimes, he digs into my feet, or he attacks my face with his arms outstretched.
He is a hymalayan mountain cat, (i kno i didnt spell that rite) 3 years old, I adopted him a year ago.


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I would suggest, you be firm with him everytime he does that sort of thing. Make a hissing sound at him and tell him NO!. Then imediately leave the area.
He will soon figure out that trying to get your attention in that manner backfires on him.
After about 5 mins goes by, engage him in some play with a toy, so he can burn off some of that energy/aggression.

This method has worked for us on some of our bossy adolescent bengals who are high energy and will do anything to engage in playtime. They quickly learn that fetching the toy and dropping it at our feet is infinitely more effective than scratching or biting for attention.
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