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The other side of Reilly

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Reilly is usually the loveable adorable kitty but here is the "other side" of Reilly...what a wildman!!

Hunt mode

Oh come here meowmy it will only be a little love bite

Ready to pounce on the unsuspecting ball

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Wow! He looks like he could really do some damage!
He is such a handsome fellow.
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What a beautiful cat! Huge fangs too.
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Good Grief! Look at those vampire teeth ! I love the color of his eyes, actually more than my rascals who have eyes more on the gold/orange side.
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Wow, look at those teeth!
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All sides of Reilly are absolutely gorgeous.
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Don't anyone get on the wrong side of Reilly!

Those are brilliant though!
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He does look like he could do some damage!
Those are amazing pictures tho, I love the 1st one!!
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Wow, his eyes look so wild in that 3rd picture! What a fierce little guy you have!!
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so...cute....can't....take it.....

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I love all the sides of Reilly...he's just so cool!!
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OH!! Those EYES and those little FANGS!!! GREAT pictures of your beautiful Reilly!!!!
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Wow! He's got a real lion look in that first picture, and those fangs!!

Reily really is a good looking cat!
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I love that 2nd pic....what a handsome vampire!

I love those photos....any side of him you show, he's beautiful!
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Reilly, are you going as Dracula for Halloween?
I absolutely love this cat, he is so gorgeous!!!!
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