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Theres something wrong with Kareem

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Hi everyone, frantically trying to figure out whats wrong with my cat, i stumbled upon this website. Kareem is 6 and a half years old who is a strictly indoor cat(Maine Coon?). He is very loving, always wanting to sit on our laps or be very close by. Last night when my wife got home from worked, she noticed he was acting kind of strange; he was hiding in an unusual place. He always greets us at the door when we come home. When she found him he was hiding in the closet, panting like a dog (tongue out) with his mouth open. We got him out of there but he just seemed really spooked. It was almost as if he was scared of the open floor. We got him into the car, cranked the a/c, and drove to the vet. He seemed to have calmed down considerably. We arrived at the emergency vet, they checked his temp, etc and said all signs were normal. This morning, he was still acting strange. Not panting anymore but stillnot his normal self. I took the day off to stay with him. He was still hiding and not being himself at all. I decded to take him in again. As soon as we got into the truck, he starts acting normal again. Giving me nudges, sitting on my lap, forcing me to pet him. Got to the vet, they checked the basics again and everything seems to be normal. Got home, and now hes hiding behind the couch again.
A month ago he had an allergic reaction to a flea bite. He was given corozone and advantage. I saw him scratching a bit so i reapplied the advantage this morning. Hes had fleas before so ive kinda ruled that out. Im guessing maybe a bee sting or something has thrown him off? Has anyone else experienced anything similar? Im very concered about my buddy; any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

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It sounds to me like something spooked him, badly, in the house. He checked out fine at the vet, so it sounds like something that has upset him, badly.

It is possible that an animal was outside? Leaving a scent?
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I agree, it sounds like he's reacting to something in your home. Did you recently purchase something new that could be emitting a noise that only he can hear and it's really upsetting him????????
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I'm not too sure what the problem could be but I'm glad that you are taking the day off to be with him. My advice would just be to continue to monitor him and if he shows more symptoms take him back to the vet again

Get well kitty
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Has your vet done bloodwork on this cat?

I ask you because I lost my Max cat in July. He died of renal failure. The first thing I saw that alerted me to the fact he was in trouble was Max was panting with his mouth open and drooling some. The dr. thought he was dealing with chronic renal failure in my cat and kept him all weekend. By Monday, Max's blood levels were worse and the vet thought then that Max had symptoms of acute kidney failure which means something he was exposed to or some shock to his system caused his kidneys to fail.

If I were you, I would take my cat back to the vet and insist on having his blood checked.
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My male cat did this once took him 2 days to get back to normal, what happened was we have a patio door in the kitchen they love to sit by and the neighbors huge red dog got loose and was on our back deck. This happened twice the first time we were at work and could not figure out why he was hiding and would not come out, and acting so strange I could not even get him to eat I had to take the dish to the back, the second time it happened we were home a got to witness it. That's how we knew what had happened the first time. We have no dogs so this was something new to my cats. Just an idea!
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The thing that makes me suspect this is behavioural, and not organic, is that the cat seemed fine when he was out of the house. But as always, a full vet check is the first thing to do.
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Thank you to all those who are trying to help figure this out. Kareem seems to be doing a bit better right now. He is still acting a bit strange but has started to go back to some of his normal tendencies. He is getting his first bit of sleep in 24hours. His breathing has seemed to slow down and does not seem to be a worry as of right now. We will let him rest and hope for the best. If his behaviours have not improved by the morning we will be taking him back to the vet to have some further investigation done, like blood work.
Thanks a bunch everyone!!

Sincerely, Kareemsbuddy
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Sending prayers for the handsome fellow!
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My first instinct is that something completely new scared the bejeeses outta him. Poor guy...who knows WHAT he could have been met with that would have created this reaction. Sounds like it could very well be something like ravin said about the neighbor's big dog being around all of a sudden. Could that be it?

Lol...poor Kareem!!
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