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I need ideas!!

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Because of unfortunate events in the neighborhood I can no longer safely let my indoor/outdoor cat venture outside. Also, Max's playmate was attacked and killed Tuesday so now he's all by himself so I need ideas on what I can do to keep him occupied inside all day until I can bring myslef to get another cat. I am interested in building my own cat gym, but don't know where to begin! Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! I really don't want my sweet boy to get bored or to go into a weird depression because of this change!! Thank you all for your help!!
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I´m so sorry for this unfortunately event...

Max´s has plastics balls to play? or any toy for cats to spend the time? and he´s neutered?....

you don´t need to spend a lot of money to maintain busy to your kitty! ....Just use your imagination to how to keep him busy! and the rest, he tryed to sleep! ...
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A cat gym doesnt need to be fancy or complicated but I would really think about going to your local shelter and adopting another cat as a playmate,
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cat toys, cat dancers, cat tree.
I know this sounds bad but before i got the new kitten, i was thinking about getting a hamster and getting a ball so he could follow it and play with it.. untill ben told me it was cruel because he would smack it hard against the wall and it would be worse because then the hamster cant run to hide. But i was not going to keep it in the ball for the rest of its life! But you see im not going to do that because i realised how cruel i was being for thinking of it...

I also have an aquarium and teufel loves it, he just sits there for hours and loves feeding time! because the fishies go crazy over it.

You can get animal videos and place the cat infront of tv.

Dont forget to give it lots of attention, sometimes bringing a new cat isnt a smart idea.
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I have places near the windows where they can sit and watch stuff outdoors. They like playing with their little plastic balls with bells in them. I have a fish tank that Bailey sits and watches for hours. There are toys you can hang from doorknobs, or stick to smooth surfaces with suction cups.

Mostly, my cats sleep when I am not home, and then play when I am around for them.
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Thank you for all the ideas. I think I will also try to get a fish tank for him. I think he would thoroughly enjoy that as well.
Rigel- Yes, he has lots of toys, though he usually prefers my pony tail holders!! And also he is nuetered, has been for some time!
So, most of you think it would be a good idea to get him a new playmate?
Are there any steps I can take to ensure a smooth transition and that they'll actually get along??
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A playmate is a great idea, much better than any toy!

There's a sticky in the behaviour forum about introductions I think, should help things along
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