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Movie thread???

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What happened to AP's movie review thread?

I know someone started some BS in there, but was the whole thread deleted?

Although there was a lot of bantering going on, last time I looked (last night about 10:00) it didn't look to be THAT bad?
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Trust me, it got a LOT worse. Maybe it can be brought back eventually, in edited form??
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It's in the process of being reviewed. Things continued to elevate this morning.
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I don't know what happened. One second it was there, then it was gone. There were a few threads I think that got yanked. Also missing is the one with the great picture of Cat & Philip.
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actually that thread was not yanked, it should be around here somewhere. Do a search and it will come up.
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Sorry AP, wrong choice of works! I appreciate the work that is being done to review these threads. Thanks
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what I meant is that the thread with the pic of cat and TT wasn't pulled, it's still here in the lounge. If you do a search it will come up.
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OOPS - *smacking my head*. Showing my dreamer/minstrel side now - obviously I dreamed it up! Found it! There was a post deleted, that moved it further back. D'oh!
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darn, I always miss the "good stuff"

Must say, Mr. Klink can't be for real, no one is that narrow minded, bigoted, chauvinstic, and domineering. I think someone was just having fun with us, and a few bit the bait.
I for one was just playing back, and the banter was amusing and entertaining, and for me anyway was just in jest.

I must admit I'd love to see what transpired when I retired. (oooh a rhyme!)

Ok, I'm stalling and babbling....I'm supposed to be doing the litterboxes! :laughing2
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Cleo HAHAHA! "Oooo, a rhyme"! Silly! haha! Well, I agree with you, I for one LMAO and although he was pretty rude, I felt it was all in jest too. No one would come on here and be truly that bad! Could they? EEEEKS! Klink are you online?

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I will gladly trade your litterboxes for my algebra homework........we got a deal???
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Ok, this must have been something I missed last night/ this morning....What show? Takes? CBS? (yeah, I know what CBS is)

And Hissy, I'll do your algebra for you, if you don't mind flunking! :laughing2
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