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Does my cat need a companion?

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Our cat Icehouse came to live with us this past January. From the minute he stepped in our home, we all felt he was the perfect cat for our buzzing house. He doesn't seem to mind all the noise the kids (ages 6,5 &3) make, he just goes off to a corner & sleeps as if nothing is going on. What we like is that he doesn't jump on the furniture, dinner table or countertops. He prefers to sleep on the floor despite having his own pillow bed. He gets along with our dog Aggie (Westie) and they even play together. He is really good with the kids. The only thing is that I feel he is lonely for a feline companion. He prefers me over everyone in the family, at times following me around the house & meowing loudly if he doesn't find me right away. In the past few weeks, everyday around 5 a.m., he wakes me up with his loud calling. It starts with a low meow & gets louder as he gets up the stairs. We used to keep our door ajar cause DH didn't want to step on him during the night but now the door is left open after DH gets up to go to work. Although Icehouse knows I'm in bed when he comes in the room, he still continues to call for me until I get up & tell him to let me get back to sleep. Then he gets comfy & falls asleep along side the bed until 6:30 when I have to get up to get the kids ready for school.

The thought has occured to me that he may enjoy having a playmate & perhaps that would take care of his needy behavior towards me. Talking DH into letting us get another cat is going to be difficult though. At the moment, there is someone looking to adopt out her 3 yr. old female/spayed Persian for $60. From what I've read, Persians sound like they have the same personality that Icehouse does but I like I said, convincing DH is the hard part.

The vet declared him a domestic longhair but I really believe he could be a Maine Coon. He currrently weighs 14 pounds. I don't know what age MC's reach full maturity but back in January when I found him, he only weighed 9 #'s. He's a big boned cat & has the look & temperment of a MC. He is black & white but the few patches of brown hair he had turned black.
Thanks in advanced,
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First off, welcome to TCS

I don't know too much about which characteristics belong to which breeds (my cats have always been moggies), but I know our other TCS members could advise you on which breeds have characteristics that you may best enjoy.

However, I can say that I definitely believe in cats having playmates. I got a kitten (Cosette) in March as a companion to my 4-year-old (Eponine). They get along great and I believe her new little sis has definitely enriched Eponine's life.

If you do decide to get another kitty for Icehouse, make sure you check out this thread so that the kitties are properly introduced. Good luck!
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