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Bloodwork & yearly check up

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It is just about time to schedule Dori's yearly check up and shots. Last year the vet's office did not do any bloodwork and when I asked about it they said that normally they don't begin doing that until the cat is older, or if there is a problem that warrants a blood panel.
I feel like I would much rather have bloodwork done annually to moniter everything to ensure that Dori is doing well and is completely healthy. It seems that would be the best way to catch any problems in the earliest stage possible. Is there any reason why I shouldn't go about doing that? I am going to ask if they will do the bloodwork if I request it at an additional cost. I just don't have any experience with this, so please tell me if I am wrong in thinking that I should wait until she is older for yearly bloodwork. She will be 3 in October.
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You are absolutly on the right track - ask them to do a baseline so they have something to compare to in case there are problems some time in the very very distant future!!!!
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she should likely have her first "real indepth ppanel" at about age five, unless she is showing any weird signs... blood work for the normal cbc and red and white cells counts I would advise earlier..
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I did that last year for Sam, who was probably 7 or 8. I asked for a baseline senior panel, and the vet agreed that it was a good idea. I will probably request one every other year, unless he has symptoms of something wrong.
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My vet said she generally recommends a senior panel when a cat's between 7 and 8, unless there's symptoms of an underlying problem. Katie was this age when I her first one done and she's had one every other year since.
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But there wouldn't be any negative effects to having one done now though other than it being an additional cost though right?
I think I would like it done now just to make sure everything is "working" properly. Then maybe do it every other year or so. To be honest I have used some cleaning products in the past that I learned were unsafe for her after having used them. It remains in the back of my mind and would feel much better knwoing everything looked ok.... She hasn't been acting funny and I don't have any reason to suspect she has any damage from them, but I worry it just hasn't caused a problem yet....
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I can't see a single reason you shouldn't have one done if you want to. It's a small price to pay for peace of mind. And it's very valuable as a baseline.
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Nothing wrong with doing it now - either this year as a baseline, give her a year off, assess again q 2 years (age 5 and 7) and every year thereafter perhaps? Whatever feels best to YOU.

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