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Ear Mites???

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One of my kittens has like little scabs inside one of her ears. They come off if you just take a napkin and rub them, they dont bleed or anything like that. Then sometimes in that part in the bottom of her ear where all the fold and stuff are its kinda liquidy brown stuff. I clean it out every day but it doesnt seem to get to much better. She doesnt scratch it and it doesnt seem to bother her at all so I dont think its a ear infection. Im not quite sure what it is. I didnt really want to take her to the vet for something that I can maybe take care of at home. Anyone have any ideas what it could be and what to do?
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Since we cannot see your cat's ears it would be impossible to try to diagnose here.

You should get a professional diagnosis from your vet. If it is ear mites I'm sure he'll have a reasonable priced medication that will clear it up and if it's something more serious you will be glad you took your baby to the vet.

It really is better to be safe than sorry. I'd recommend a vet visit for sure.
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Revolution kills ear mites.
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Originally Posted by coaster
Revolution kills ear mites.

Usually ear mites will bother them... Maybe you should take a trip to the vet!
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I would take a trip to the vet. The ears just may be dirty.
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Even it is just excess wax, it can get bad, so I think a vet visit is in order. My little feral has so much wax that their is a plug and their is a danger that her drum could rupture if for some reason it get infected. If it's mites, those need to be treated, too
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Percy's got ear mites. NASTY. I'm using Revolution on him.
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