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Silvie's having her babies!!!!!

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I am soooo excited!! Silvie has had three kitties so far and I am certain there is one more to go. She has been such a good girl! She mewed while I was making dinner and her mucous plug had blobed onto the floor and I gently picked her up to put her into her nesting box (she was confused about where she should be I think) --- and she leaked clear fluid! Within 10 minutes we had the first kitty! It is dark tabby grey with white splotches. It wasn't breathing too well so I rubbed it in a soft towel and ooops - gotta go - # 4 is here!!!
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Sounds like you are having a very exciting time! Good luck with all of them and post some pix when you can.
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Yes, we'd love to see pics of the babies when everything is all settled!
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Back again - - wow this has been such a fantastic experience! Mamma and babies are all suckling/sleeping so I think it is safe to post now. Wow! Well, the first kitty needed some help to take a breath but seems fine now. Second was a little white one, third another dark grey tabby (like daddy). I was sure there was one more but over half an hour passed and nothing. Silvie expelled two placentas in a row, and then ....kitty number four! Another cute white one Well, I had to rub that one a bit - mamma was so busy and a bit tired to really pay attention. But that one perked up quickley too. I sent hubby out to grab me a drink and suddenly - sploosh --- out comes number five !!! Yet another cute white one!!! I am sooooo excited!!! All the kitties seem OK - all all getting drier and seem to have found nipples. Mamma is sleeping with a big smile on her face. How blessed are we?!!??!!
I gotta admit I am still nervous. Silvie is very small and young and I am not sure how she will manage so many babies. And I know things can still go wrong, so I just pray everyone does well. This has been a wonderful night!! Thanks for listening. I am so glad I found this site with all its supporte and lovely people.
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Great to hear everything went well...and now that you are a "pro"....and if you really enjoyed the experience, you may want to consider fostering for your local shelter in the future. I know many shelters need fosters when they get in pregnant cats...but that will be something for down the road. Right now, I do hope all goes well for your girl and that these kittens stay healthy.

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How exciting!! Congratulations!!
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Wow! Five! Congratulations. Your girl deserves a sleep, if she can get it.
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congratulations post pics if poss
lurve looking at all the little new born cuties ecspecially as mine are getting rather fat now at a week old lol.
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I still remember when my litter was born like it was yesterday. Was just over two years ago and I was a new pet owner of only 4 months. Then I had three kittens to boot. What an experience the day they were born. Reading you message reminded me of that day so I thank you for your posting.

Good luck to Silvie and the kids.
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Thank you for the lovely posts and encouragement. It is late AM now and all seems to be OK. I spoke to my vet and bought milk replacer and teats just in case - Silvie is little and five kitties --- well, you can guess the struggle for a "good one"! Some nipples don't seem to produce much yet so they are all fighting for a select few. I will top-up any kitties that seem to be struggling, but so far so good! Silvie is trying to be such a good mummy. I am so proud of her. I have been holding a tiny food dish under her chin and she muches away. Same with her water. Saves her from hopping up - although she has been for a walk a few times (within my closet confines) and she is looking pretty good --- if not super skinny now
I am looking into a link Chris kindly gave me to info on posting pics. I am not very great at that stuff but I will give it a go. Stay tuned --- and thanks to everyone. This is just a fantastic place!!!
PS - sorry about all the typos before - too excited for my fingers to work properly!
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