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I have a huge issue with one of my kittens. Its Jinx. The kittens are 7 months old now, and they are pretty adjusted to the schedule that we have. We have 6 cats, just for the record. Most of them just lounge on the bed in the mornings until I get up to get ready for work and feed them their wet food. But not Jinx. As soon as my husband steps out the door, hes in our room, on our bed, clawing me. I mean clawing me. Hes clawed my face, my hands are constantly ripped open, hes clawed the inside of my ear, my scalp, and then he proceeds to bite me anywhere he can sink his pointed little teeth in. Usually, I pick him up off of me, tell him NO, and put him on the floor. If he tries to get back up on the bed, I put him down on the floor again. We have tried to close the door to our bedroom, but then he puts his paws under it and all you hear, all night long is "WAM, WAM,WAM." and you still cant sleep. Then Haylee Marie and Merlin sit outside the door and cry all night, because they want in. I have to train them that the door is shut, and they cant come in, because I am pregnant, and once I have the baby, they cant be crawling all over everything in our room. I refuse to give them up because I am having a baby, so thats not an option. They were my babies before, and they will remain my babies. I refuse to have them declawed. They are inside cats, but I live in the woods, and if they were to escape, I want them to have protection.
We have tried my husband feeding them, but that doesnt help. He still tries to convince me that hes starving.
Does anyone have any suggestions of how to break him of the early morning clawing??