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Dunked in gasoline

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A crying cat showed up at my house yesterday afternoon. It needed help because someone had dunked it in gasoline. I gave the vet a quick call and washed the cat in Dawn dish liquid. I only gave her 1 bathe she is still stinky but is feeling better. I am sure the petrol was burning her. She had her tongue hanging out and was panting. She is a large white cat with a brindle topping. She was good during the bath, but had already bitten me in fear. She got my thumb joint. I am soaking it and started antibiotics. Does anyone know a good recipe for getting gas off a cat? It covers all four legs and her belly.
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Poor baby! You're so wonderful to take her into your heart to care for her! She really needs to be examined by a Vet if she was exhibiting the symptoms you describe.

Please do seek medical attention regarding this bite. Although she didn't mean to harm you, this could be very dangerous!
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Without a doubt please take this poor baby to a vet straight away!

My friend who is a vet nurse had a similar experience a year ago at her surgery but with oil, and it took so many washes to get rid of it, but they also carried out tests on the kitten and after what the idiots did caused the kitten to lose it's sight

Let us know what happens, but thank you for rescuing her
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I do feel for you and for her. My Persil was covered in black motor oil when I found her, though I am not sure if it was deliberate or not. It took several baths in neutral detergents and surgical alcohol to clean her off. And I kepy getting as much water into her as possible in case she had licked any of it. But she recovered well.
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You need to get her to a vet, because she will be ingesting her fur that was covered with gas when she grooms herself. Gas is a hard solution to cut, your vet would have a better idea. I almost think putting her under and shaving her might be a better alternative than letting her just wear it off over time.
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Poor baby! Please keep us posted about her.
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yes, the vet... most definitely. What an ordeal!

Also in gasoline there are additives..manganese esp. This is neurotoxic.
(In USA-- don't down about other countries)

Manganese poisoning leads to AGGRESSION. This may remain after the gas on the fur issue is over. She may have already ingested enough..since cats are small compared to humans. Also Parkinson's... so watch for trembling/gait distrubances. Don't know if cats get this tho, people do.

We spent the weekend helping my son with two new adoptee cats. One is kitten(they've had 3 weeks now), the other a young female who was brutalized and has had recent surgery to fix internal hernias... The cruelty these two faced is just totally upsetting. They wanted a companion to the little one, since he and his roommate work.

We bought them a high cat tree (we have 3) for their apartment. This new girl is so loving... we were in tears Sunday over this. The sponsor at the pet store (can I say the name here? Petco) of the adoption volunteers said she never thought this cat would be adopted out..she was so bedraggled. And coincidence of coincidences... she was named with MY name!!

Whenever toxins are involved with fur, it is really safest to take to the vet(I am a medical professional).
And same with that bite, which needs Keflex (cefalexin or Augmentin).

Another big heart here!

keep us up to date, please?
And best wishes,
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We just finished our 2nd bath. This time I used, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and Dawn, with water in the tub. Again the cat made no struggle nor hissing. She just knew I was doing her good. She got out of my arms as I eas drying her and used her box! What a good girl! She isn't interested in her food. But she is interested in me and wants to be right with me.

The folks across the street had a cat that looked similar to this and it may be her. She was a stray. They had her outside only even in bad weather. I called yesterday the gal insisted it had always been my cat and she was feeding it because I would not. That was insanity! I tried to assure her it was never my cat. She said it bit her and she didn't care 1 thing about. Now, this woman has dogs and a funny pet rooster that just died. I called again this morning and she's gone outta town. Her brother said they do not want the cat, it hasn't bee there in awhile.. He said no 1 can pick it up, it is full of fur balls, and hisses and bites even when you go to feed it.

She is still smelly, we both are. I understand she may die. Right now she is wide eyed and bushy tailed and very happy.

My vet is a country vet. He lives on his farm where his office is. He is almost 90 mins from me. He was called right away. He said to wash the cat in Dawn. Dawn has an added ingredient to cut grease. My rub was covered with black smudges yesterday. Today it is ok. He would never see my rescued animals if it was something I could handle myself like sub-q ing ringers, or giving an injection.

Thanks for your comments I don't feel so alone. Well time to check on my new rescuee. Huggles Mindy
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you are an to save this girl .I think you both have been blessed to have found each other.
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Thank you for saving this poor baby!

I hope she is doing better! Sending lots of good }}}VIBES{{{ her way to become healthy and happy!
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Perhaps you could wander across the road and dunk your neighbours in gasoline???

I feel sorry for their poor dogs and rooster they obviously have NO idea about anything to do with love or compassion.

You are a legend for looking after this baby - no wonder it growled and hissed around them - certainly doesn't seem to be doing the same to you!
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SO glad she has got over hte first stage. Keeping the good vibes coming. Don't some people make you mad!!
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You might try tomato juice to wash her with. This works to get the stench off of dogs when they get after the skunks.
Might get rid of the gasoline odor.
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Hi... thank you for caring for this poor kitty But please stay positive.

My cat Candy fell in a big pot of gasoline when she was about 5 years old (some neighbours a few doors away had a garage and used to fix cars, she jumped on a fence and fell in by accident )

Anyway, I can't remember exactly what the vet did to help her, but I know she was bathed many times and also had a neck collar put on to stop her licking the gasoline and ingesting it. She stank for about a month afterwards.

To cut a long story short, she made a full recovery and is now a grand old lady at 19 years old

I wish you and your cat all the best.
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That poor, poor baby kitty cat! You're so sweet. Could you get her an Elizabethan collar so she doesn't lick herself? Here's a website that tells you how to make one:
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Mindy, it is so wonderful of you to take care of this poor abused kitty. I'm saying prayers that she will get through this ok and that you will fall in love with her and adopt her.

As for the monster who did this-- may they rot in hell forever! Cats deserve love, toys and treats. I just don't understand how anyone could hurt them
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Mindy the vet should have treated the cat with charcoal to help induce vomiting and stop any after effects of the gasoline that penetrated through or that the cat might have swallowed

Also is a good product that you can actually spray on your cat to get rid of the smell of gasoline that can cause nausea. Spray it on a cloth and wipe this cat down-

Good luck
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The same happened to my sister in law's cat late at night. She called the vet who gave her this advise: if there was any sign of lethargy, vomiting or white-ish gums, to get her in IMMEDIATELY. If there were no signs, wash repeatedly in Dawn dishsoap and bring her in to see him in the morning.

You need to get this cat into a vet to have them examine her, even if she appears to be OK. Nothing cuts oil better than Dawn, and it took my SIL about 6 baths to really penetrate and get rid of the majority of it. The vet kept her and did some additional grooming with their products while she was there.

The peroxide, baking soda and dish-soap formula is one used for heavy odors, but you must keep it away from their eyes, ears and mouth. The dish soap cuts the grease and the others cut the smell. If you have mostly an oil problem, use straight dish soap. You can get to the odor once you get rid of the oil.
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This is so sad!!! I do hope she comes through with no problems!!! You are great for helping her out. As for your neighbors they are idiots in my opionion!!! I hope you keep her inside and give her a loving home!!! Great Job!!!
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Originally Posted by hissy
Mindy the vet should have treated the cat with charcoal to help induce vomiting and stop any after effects of the gasoline that penetrated through or that the cat might have swallowed

Also is a good product that you can actually spray on your cat to get rid of the smell of gasoline that can cause nausea. Spray it on a cloth and wipe this cat down-

Good luck
I totally agree Hissy!!! You are right they should have induced vomiting!!!
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