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Tuxedo Kitty?

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Hey, can you guys explain for me what a tuxedo kitty is? Would that be the black and white kitties that have two white diamonds (one on their breast area and one on their tummy), and white paws?

Anyone have a pic?

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This is what I've always taken to be a tuxedo kittie - like Alfie only black!

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Heres Sophie!

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Here are my tuxedos:

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Thanks for all these great pictures. It brings back memories of my Max who I lost in July to kidney failure. He was black except for white under his neck, a little on his stomach and his feet. I never knew he was a tuxedo cat until after he died and I read about tuxedo cats on this forum.
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I used to have a Tuxedo kitty.. but I don't have any of his pictures scanned in
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Here's my tuxedo girl Gracie:

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Here's an article about Tuxedo & Bicolor color patterns:

Here's Mr. Underfoot in his Tuxedo, complete with bowtie

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Cosette's my first tuxedo kitty- and she certainly won't be my last!
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my roxygo!
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My Oliver is a very well-marked tuxedo

Emma is also a tuxedo but her markings aren't quite as symmetrical as Oliver's, she has more black overall
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Do they generally have the white on the nose, too?
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Generally there is some white on the mask of the face as well. Olivers white is a continuation of the white on his neck, whereas Emma has a "blaze" of white on an all black face.
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