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Silly the Couch Potato

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Here is Silly being a tv-watcher. Yes she actually watches Tv with us. She'll sit on the couch between me and my bf, with ears perked, following the pictures on the screen. Her favorite is the commercial with a Kangaroo hopping across a yellow screen; thats when she jumps off the couch and puts her front paws on the TV, so she can "play" with the kangaroo. The funny part is I didnt even pose her for this pic. I put the remote on the couch while cleaning off the end-table, then I looked over, and she had found her new favorite toy - the remote. Now its lost. Its prolly in the same place all her other lost toys end up - only she knows.

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Ahh she's very cute what does Silly like to watch the cat in a hat she's a beautiful Grey
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Ha ha... shes never seen the cat in the hat... I should get it just for her tho!! She likes to watch American Chopper, but only cuz thats what my boyfriend watches when he gets home LOL. You say she is a beautiful grey, but I dont think this pic does her any justice. I brush her everday (she loves getting brushed) and her coat is so very shiny it actually looks like metal. Thats why I picked her from the litter, she was calm and happy and looked just like our favorite medium - metal... especially since we (my hubby and I) actually are starting a business with metal art. She looks like a piece of art to us Although she is used to us now and has become quite rambunctious since we rescued her (as kittens do), we hope that by the time we get on the road with our work (next year), that she will be a lap kitty and can come along as a mascot. At the moment though, she doesnt like car rides. She'll hide under the seat and meow, so we take her on short trips to the store to buy her litter and food (only two blocks away) just to get her used to being in a vehicle. shes alseep when we come out of the store though. I think shes beginning to enjoy sleeping in a driver seat with the sun shining on her
sorry this was so lengthy, and thanks for you comments.
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LOL! Thats wayyy too cute.
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Awww, she's a cutie!
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She is really adorable!
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Silly, you're so adorable!
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That is so cute!!
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She is adorable!! More pictures!
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What a cutiepie!
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Now I see the photo!!!!! She's such a cutie. She does look like Kitters as a baby!!! They grow up so fast!!! Kitters loves the remotes too, try giving her a little flashlight, thats funny too!!
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I hope the resized pic isnt too big now! Jeez. First its too big, then its too small, and its prolly too big again. LOL. Forgive me, Ive never posted a picture on a forum.
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Aww...that's adorable! When you do find the remote, I think you'll find that "Animal Planet" is programmed in the "favorite channel" button.
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Look at those eyes!!! I love her color, too. Better guard that remote carefully, I'd say!
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She is a beautiful girl-great picture!
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