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They are allowing the shooting of dogs as they 'say" they fear a rabies outbreak and if an animal eats another it could be rabidl!!!!!

HERE is more but the best place to read it is on Bestfriends!

This was sent to one of the lists I am on:

I'm in contact with rescuers on the grounds. It's disgraceful.
I have made my call to the white house and FEMA.

Things are really bad there. TV is not telling the
story. They are telling you how good things are looking there now.
Phil Keating on CNN was standing on dry ground acting like
everything is fine. It's not fine for the animals and pet
rescuers. They go out to save pets in houses and buildings, but
come across pets in the streets that are swimming through that water
to get to them because they are so desperate to help. The pets in
the houses are not being saved. 10's of thousands are still out
there needing to be rescued. 10's of thousands are dead already.
Soldiers are looking at pets in windows and make the comment about
how sad it is. They are supposed to follow their orders. Saving
pets is not their orders. The rescue teams can see some pets, but
can't get to them because FEMA will not let them in certain areas.
They seem to be worried about looting and health issues. This is a

One of my contacts was dropping off supplies to a Tylertown, MS
rescue shelter. An animal control officer with a badge was upset
because 2 boats weren't being used, and she was qualified to rescue.

We need to speak for those animals. More die everyday because of
this craziness. FEMA makes the animal rescuers cease rescuing
between 6 & 7 pm. A rescue team saw a house full of pets. They
knew the pets were in bad shape, but they were not allowed to get
them. They had to wait until the next day. Well, the next day
there was only one left alive and he was in bad shape.

Make those phone calls. When you do, ask FEMA what was their plan
when they knew there would be 30,000+ pets needing rescuing.

Tell them we want teams out walking the streets to get these pets.
They were able to get the people out, now it's time to get the pets

White House 202-456-1111
FEMA 225-267-2500

I'm asking everyone to email the white house and FEMA. Simply
say "We demand mandatory pet evacuations"