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Urinating on our clothes!!

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Our 2 year old cat is urinating on any of our clothes that she finds within reach (usually on the floor or in laundry basket), but only my husband's and my clothes. It started about the time our daughter started walking and I think it is related to the baby wanting to cuddle, hug, and chase the cat constantly. We've tried giving the cat areas of the house where the baby cannot get to her. She has a half bath for a litter area and the baby can't get in there. She has access to the bedroom, kitchen and den for escapes. We've tried to give the cat more attention and comfort her, as well as discouraging the baby from bothering her. Nothing has helped, in fact it is getting worse. We're at the end of our rope, and my husband is talking about getting rid of the cat! Our 12 year old Siamese is dealing with the changes better than the 2 year old.
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This is a classic symptom of a urinary tract infection or blockage. It could be fatal. Please take your cat to the vet ASAP and explain exactly what is happening. If you do not tell the vet about the urination problem, the vet will not know to conduct certain tests.

If the vet finds nothing wrong, let us know and we will give you suggestions on how to modify his behavior.

Good luck at the vet!
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If the vet check is okay (lotsocats is right), then it's a common thing with cats to urinate on dirty piles of cloths on the floor. The easiest way to handle it is to keep the laundry where the cat can't get to it.
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This is actually more of a case of people behavior modification rather than kitty behavior. We have an absolutely wonderful kitty who will pee on my husbands dirty clothes. He leaves his clothes on the floor - the answer is for him to not leave them on the floor and put them in the hamper. The cat no longer pees on the dirty clothes. For whatever reason, the cat does not know he is being "bad" - he just smells something in the dirty laundry that tells him its ok to pee there - so it is really the human's problem to come up with an easy solution.
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