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New kitten is insane!

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I have had cats my entire life, they were always around since the day I was born. And over the last 23 years of my life I have lost cats and picked out new one's. I guess I have been very good at selecting kittens as everytime I got a new cat, it was usually very calm and gentle with only the usual playfullness and occassional grab of a normal kitten. None of them exhibited excessively agressive behavior in any way, and if they did have an incident usually a loud no, clap, or blowing in their face made them stop and they wouldn't act up again!

Well my luck with kittens has apparantly run out lol. Currently I have two adult cats a 12 year old boy named Max and a 6 year old girl named Sabrina. I used to have a very friendly and loving orange cat, but about 5 years ago he was hit by a car and died. Ever since then I have wanted another orange cat to replace him and a few weeks back I was able to get an 8 week old orange kitten from a friend.

He started out alright, and I kept him in one room with a litter box, food and a bed seperated from my other cats. But after a week, he started acting up. At first it was normal kitten crazies, then it became more aggressive. During petting he often flips over and starts biting several times while digging in with claws. I tried yelling no, clapping, blowing in his face, and it would stop him for a second only to see him start biting and scratching about 5 seconds later. When he's not biting and scratching he often runs around the house full speed, up and down the stairs, jumping into windows, bouncing off walls, attacking feet, and knocking things off shelves. He has several toy mice, a scatching post, string toys and the like, and he will play with those, then go off and bite hands, feet, and knock things over anyway!

His behavior with my other cats is horrendous. At first they were hissing at him, but after a few days he began attacking them with running leaps. Now my older cats are gentle and calm and have only lightly knocked him down a few times after he showed severe aggression towards them. Once he gets knocked by them, he reacts violently clawing at their faces and jumping on their backs multiple times. Ultimately my older cats run away, and he chases them wherever they go swatting at them and attacking them untill I let them outside.

Now my new kitten is sometimes good, mostly when he sleeps he will curl up in my lap and purr. Other then that his behavior is psychotic and has largely been uncontrollable.

He is just 3 months old now, and I have never had a cat behave this badly in my life. He continues to bite, knock things over, attack feet and harass my older gentle cats and nothing I do stops him for more then 5 or 10 seconds. All I can do is lock him in his room for a while, to which he responds by crying for up to an hour untill I open the door!

I need some serious help here, I have always owned cats, they have all been great and fairly well behaved. This one has shown no signs of improvement over the last month and in fact seems to be getting worse! Perhaps he will calm once fixed, but that's only a guess. Can anyone help me tame this monster cat, I'm really at a loss here and running out of options.

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Have you tried using Feliway spray? Also, Hissy has provided this thread which has WONDERFUL ideas: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...threadid=20837
I hope that you find some answers that work very, very soon, before the rest of you lose patience & hope! I salute you for hanging in there!
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All I can say is my kitten acts like that too! I would just give him some time. He's got alot of energy to burn off. "Baby proof" the house for now and continue to show him your disapproval of the biting. I think he'll slow down eventually. Good luck!
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I'm so sorry! But I understand what you're going through. Clinton is 5.5 months old and I honestly think he gets wilder every day, neutering didn't calm him down one bit. Sorry I can't be of any help, but it's nice to know we're not alone!

Good Luck!
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THanks for the help everyone. I have never heard of that spray before? Perhaps I'll give it a try. I've been keeping up with correcting him, today he had a fairly good day, still several bites but not so severe as even yesterday! And I hope those cats you guys have calm down as well!
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The feliway spray is good stuff. It didn't work for us as far as calming him down, but did wonders for curbing his inappropriate scratching. If you go the feliway route and plan to purchase it from your local petsmart, print off the pages showing their online prices and bring that with you. The prices in the store can be significantly higher; my girlfriend who works there said that they will honor their online prices!
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Try a spray bottle when he is bad....
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I'm not suggesting you get another kitten, but the kitten you have, has no one to rough house with since the older cats don't like that sort of activity.
This only frustrates your kitten more, so he keeps trying. If he had a playmate close to his age, they would wear each other out and your home would be less stressful, although it might seem like you were trackside at the INDY 500.
My suggestion is, that you become the kittens playmate of sorts. Don't let him bite your hands though, if he rolls over to claw and bite stop playing. He needs to learn that human hands are for petting, not for being bitten.
I'd get some sort of toy that allows you to keep your distance but gives him something to bat, chase, bite and generally wear himself out. You have to be the motor for the toy....like one of those sticks with string and a feather attached, etc.
He obviously has tons of pent up energy..hopefully you can wear him out with play.
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Our older one (older by just a few months but largely out of the kitten stage) is the one pouncing and running around chasing our baby. Oh make no mistake, she's a little hellion too. But sometimes we come home to some nasty surprise messes, depending upon what they knocked over during their war games that day.

Our oldest never even thought of getting on the counter until baby came and showed him how. She's a little rat that way, very bad influence!!!
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