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New Pictures of little Katrina and her brother Sooby

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I have to say that this one is my favorite of her she looks too adorable and I can't believe that she looks so healthy and big walking and all I have to say that she is really special I just love her so much we all do

My little Katrina with the duckies while we feed them

My Sooby here looking so cute

This is my baby Sooby

Now I just need to get them together for a nice picture of them both

this is my cat family I don't own the duckies they just come to visit with other cats in the neighborhood to be fed and we just feed them and let little katrina and sooby out just for that moment because they are not out door cats I like them home I am too scared to let them out I am thinking that anything could happend to them so I rather keep them here lol and I don't work so I am a stay at home mommy lol too.

goodbye for now
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Oh my goodness! Katrina is so TINY! What a precious little thing! And Sooby is such a pretty boy.
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Those are cute photos of your kitties and the ducks! I have moved this thread to the "Fur Pictures Only" Section in "The Cat Lounge".
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Beautiful cats!!!!
Sooby and Katrina are just darling.
You must be so proud.

Please try and get us a pic of Sooby and Katrina together.
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Those geese or ducks look HUGE next to Katrina! What a little sprite she is!! I love that white stripe down Sooby's back, too! He's gorgeous!
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ooooh duckies!! are the cats not scared of the ducks, or vice versa?
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Love that white streak on Sooby's back. and Katrina is just the cutest.

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Verrryyyy cute! Little Katrina is just adorable!
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Watch out ducks, Katrina's coming to get ya!
She's adorable- definitely seems she's brave and full of sass .

Sooby's such a pretty tabby- that white streak down her back is such a unique marking. Her coloring reminds me of my old kitty Stormy (RIP). I bet she is a very loving kitty .
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Awww, adorable =D

I had a cat that would beat my ducks up if they interferred with her space. lol
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Your cats are adorable - Katrina is so tiny and brave and Sooby is such a handsome boy. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
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Those ducks are so much bigger than her!
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Ummm, I don't think I would have let her over there with those ducks! It's been my experience that Muscovies can be rather aggressive with other animals (Muscovy ducks are actually more closely related to geese than ducks.) I have seen them peck cats that got too close. Maybe those are just used to the cats though.
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Awww they are bith gorgeous. Love the ducks too.
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I love it!!!
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yeah you are right about the ducks they are use to cats and cats to them but in this case Katrina was being mean to them she was making them scared lol and well my husband and I were really close to her all the time to make sure the either would get hurt not the duckies or the cats but yeah the duckies here have survived many years with the kitties and vice versa they have become use to eachother I have lived here all my life my parents gave me the home that I grew up in so I really know the neighborhood and I feed them every day the duckies and the cats from the neighborhood too

the funny part is that my boy sooby is actually a little scared of the duckies and katrina is the strong one here lol my husband and I were laughing about that
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what a cute lil munchkin!! I remember when my baby boy was that little. Hard to tear yourself away when they're that little n adorable
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Awwww! Katrina is so adorably tiny!

....and gosh, Sooby is a very handsome boy!
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Awww what cute pics!!! Katrina is a doll!

Btw, does Sooby chase the ducks and try to catch them?
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there so cute and she is a little tiny thing isn't she sooby is cute to
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Hey, from another South Floridian. Katrina is so pretty, thank you so much for taking care of her. Scooby is handsome, how old is he? The pictures are lovely.

That's good that you keep them indoors, with the way people drive here in Miami. I keep mines indoor too.
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wow tina what a small world that you are here in Miami like me is really nice to meet you and I would like to say hello and that is very nice that you like to keep yours indoor too
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Originally Posted by peachytoday
Love that white streak on Sooby's back. and Katrina is just the cutest.

Pixel's got a white stripe, too - i think it makes them cuter!
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[b]Pixel looks really cute you know If I am not mistaken he is a tuxedo right? well sooby's mom had a tuxedo from the same litter because I knew them all they all stayed with friends and family and my sister keep Felix and he is my sisters baby boy he is a tuxedo with the same white stripe that sooby has on his back

and this is their mommy her name is Madison

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