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Ah HA!

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Pansy, the abyssinian, always fronts like she's not particularly fond of Odin. But the proof is in the pudding.

And just cause I love my lil guy SO much, and I can't help but take pictures of him. That and Pansy HATES the camera. Bad posing experience in her show days, I'm guessing.

Yesterday, I caught Odin shoving everything off the coffee table so he could sleep there. And I wonder why it's such a disaster when I get home...

.....and the innocent look on his face.....

The only one I've caught of Pansy awake and not looking rather psychotic. Here, she just looks eeevvviiillllll...

I'm such a geek.
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Ahhhhhh, the evil!!!!! What great shots!!
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those are super cute pictures! i love the way odin is sleeping. looks comfy!
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oh my gosh Pansy can give a whole new meaning to the term "evil eye"! And Odin, sitting there looking at you like, "but I didn't do it"....that cracks me up!
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Awwww, Odin is too cute! I have an obession with orange kitties.

Pansy does look pretty scarey. lol
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Wow! You're babies are so beautiful!
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What beautiful babies!!!
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Odin is a monster. I don't think Pansy realizes now that he's going to be twice her size. She messes with him, gets him to pounce on her. In 6 months, if he does that he'll squish her.
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