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Declaw?Soft Paws? Please help!

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A few weeks ago we got an adorable kitten. She is 11weeks old and very active and playful. We all have scratch marks on us to prove it! I was recently asked to care for two older cats that need a home. Both are declawed. I am concerned that the kitten will hurt the older cats---Should I be? I have been thinking about trying the soft paws product before the older cats get here to see how they work. I hate to even think of declawing, given all of the articles I have read on this subject, but I do not want to take in these older cats and have them get hurt. You input is greatly appreciated!
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I have two cats, one of them is declawed. Ophelia never hurts Trent with her claws. And by all rights, she probably should give him a swat now and then - he's twice her size and doesn't understand that she doesn't always want to play.

Especially as the kitty with claws is a kitten, I'm sure the older ones will let her know what is appropriate play and what isn't. They will let her know the boundaries.

I think this is actually more of a behavior question, so I'll move this to the Behavior forum.
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I agree, kittens have such small little claws that I don't think she'll do any damage to the older cats. If she acts up I'm sure they'll put her in her place!

Very happy to know you don't want to declaw her
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If you're really concerned about your kitten scratching the other cats, trimming her claws will blunt them enough so she won't hurt the other cats (or you!) accidentally.

How to trim claws (click here)

To prevent your kitty from developing furniture scratching issues, make sure you provide a nice, sturdy scratching post near where she sleeps. This article (click here) has some good information about providing a cat with appropriate scratching surfaces & teaching her to use them.
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The older cats will likely correct any behavior they don't like. But if you are worried trim her claws or use soft paws. If you start trimming her claws now, she may take to it better than she would if you were to start later on.
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declawing is truely up to you. if you are concerned but do not want to declaw there is a relativly new procedure called a tendonectomy. insted of removing the claws the tendon that retracts the claws are severed causing the cat to loose the ablility to scratch. the down side is that the claws still grow and need to be trimed. most older cats will teach the kitten what is ok and what isn't. the kitten may get a few toughs of fur, but 90% of the time the older cat will only be annoyed and not hurt. just try to keep the kitten's nails trimed as much as possible, if you are uncomfortable trimming most vet offices are willing to do so, just call them up. you more then likely won't be charged for an office visit just for the nail trim. those prices vary depending on the vet's location. some might not even charge.

i have only seen one declaw that came back with problems and i have been working in at a vets office for 5 years. many articles on the 'evils of declawing' take the worse case and not the norm.

if you have questions talk to your vet. he or she are willing to answer any questions you might have.
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I only clip Zoeys( okay the groomer does it)... but some need the soft paws too... I have a declawed 17 yr old and a clawed 18 month old .. the older one has allways straighten the younger out
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