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back from the vet Hostilites

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My baby Rogue went to the vet yesterday to be spayed she was a trooper and was pretty much knocked out most of the night. The problem is when I brought her home, Becca (other cat) hissed, growled, and swatted at the poor baby. She's been doing that since. I had to lock her out of my bed room so Rogue could sleep on the bed in peace, which made Becca sad and she sat outside my door crying all night. I thought it may be due to the fact that she smells like the vet now, but Prescious (other cat) doesn't mind Rogue. Becca and Rogue were thick as thives before this. Does anyone have any suggestions or comments about this issue??? Thanks!!
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That is actually quite normal.

Cats recognize each other by scent. Baby Rogue smells like the vet, like the anesthetic, like stress. She doesn't smell to Becca like her friend! She smells like a new cat.

One trick you can try is to put a dab of vanilla under both of their chins, the back of their necks, and on their backs at the base of the tail. That way they smell the same. But especially since the little one was just spayed and probably doesn't feel well, I would keep them separated for at least a day or two just to keep her free from more stress and possible harm if she's trying to run from Becca, or if they get into a tussle.

Precious may just be a more relaxed cat about newcomers, or more secure in her place in the house than Becca.
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Oh your poor kitties!! My cat is hostile with me after the vet, first he kicks the living bejesus out of the vet (honestly, from the screams eminating from the consultation room from both vet and cat you would think there was a bar brawl in situ!!)and then when we get home sulks under the bed for HOURS until he gets so hungry he HAS to talk to me!! (he always 'asks' for his tea..i know, crazy)
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ahh bless
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