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DT for Feb4th, Monday

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Goodmorning to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How many of you watched the big game last night?? Can I just say one more time, GO PATRIOTS!!!!
sorry, had to say that one last time, and now I'll leave it alone.

So, its a cloudy day here. What to do?? Housework?? NAH, I think I am going to drive to my parents w/ my kids and hit my mom up for some shopping. Oh, and I need a haircut desperately!!!!!! If she is in a good mood, I may ask for one of those too. I love having a mom who owns a salon. Sure is convenient!!!

I am dragging this morning, went to bed way too late and got up way too early. Its 9am and I need a nap already!!

Have a happy Monday everyone!!
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I couldn't sleep last night because my team won the Superbowl (woohoo!). I am kind of dragging my hiney today (can I use hiney?). It is very cold here (for me -9 celcius) and getting colder. There is also a fresh blanket of snow being deposited on us. I wish I was home snuggled with my kitties looking at the snow fall!
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Well I too went to bed far too late last night, I gues in some lame attempt to make Sunday last longer and put off Monday!! ha ha.. but today I feel FANTASTIC!! Im jolly and bouncy and want to skip all the way home!!! ha ha ah (course it could all go wrong by tomorrow... so Im enjoying it NOW!!! YEEEHAAW!) Hope everyones is having/will have/has had a wonderful Monday!!!
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The kids and I are going to Chick-Fil-A today with some friends. We were visiting my mom last week, so my kids haven't seen their friends in a while, and they're excited. I don't know who invented the kids play area in fast food restaurants, but they were a genius! I'm forever in their debt!

Other than lunch, I'll be doing laundry. My husband has my car today, so we have no transportation. Thankfully my friend has a mini van and we can all get to lunch together.

The weather is very blah and drizzly here today, so I guess we won't be playing outside today. It may turn into a long, long day...
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YAH PATS!!!!!stayed up WAY to late celebrating with my friends! So much fun! My house is trashed, but THE PATS WON
It's a beautiful day!!(U2 rocked too!!)

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