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He bit my face...again!!

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Reilly is such the little stinker!, he always comes up to me and lays on my neck..this time tonight he was laying there for a good 15 minutes or so and then out of no where he bit my face!!, left 2 good puncture wounds on my face!!

Anyone else have a cat that does that?
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Naughty Reilly! Billy's got a thing for feet. He'll be really affectionate, rubbing up on your feet, and then WHAM, teeth! Sometimes, out of nowhere, he'll just walk up to me and start chomping! What is it with them?
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How old is Reilly? Bijou was a little dickens and would chase me and bite my feet and also my hands. We started hissing at him when he did it. As he matured he stopped doing all those naughty things. Now he never bites or plays rough.

Hopefully Reilly will mature and not be so naughty.
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Ouch! Naughty Reilly!

Sophie has a thing for biting, too. She'll seem very affectionate, purring and cuddling, then suddenly go into attack mode and chomp on my hand, grasping with her front paws. I keep hissing at her and moving away from her, but she's still doing it. My plan is to keep up with the hissing and lack of attention for this behavior, hoping she'll outgrow it. I don't know what I'd do if she bit my face!
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He's 4 years old and acts like a little kitten would still. The really weird thing is that when he does this he's not playing or mad. He's purring and loving and then BANG...he bites, but not like a little love bite he breaks the skin.
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