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If you live in the Seattle, WA area and are willing to foster cat(s) please read and contact Bonne. I have been volunteering for MEOW for four years and this is a legitimate request that I received today.

Bonne is the co-founder of MEOW Cat Rescue You will need to be available for a potential long-term foster situation and realize that the cat will then be adopted per MEOW’s adoption policies.

If you don’t live in the Seattle area and want to foster, maybe you can check with local shelter/rescue groups and see if they would be willing to sponsor the same type of effort. If we can get animals out of the shelters that were there before Katrina, then they will have more room for the displaced animals.


At MEOW we, like many North Westerners, are asking ourselves how we can help the victims of Hurricane Katrina, beyond giving money. MEOW has already volunteered to accept some cats not able to be reunited with owners in the coming months. This may be several months away, if ever, as many shelters will try to keep these animals close to home in the hopes of finding their families.

So, we got to thinking. What if we could help free up space for hurricane rescues by taking cats that were already at a shelter before the disaster? We all agreed that this was a challenge we were up for.

This is where you come in. At the shelter we’re still dealing with a very heavy kitten season and have no space for additional residents. As a result, we’re looking for ten or more families who would be willing provide temporary housing and love to a cat from Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi or elsewhere that ultimately will find the perfect forever home in Washington through adoption at MEOW. Please keep in mind that this may be a longer than usual foster assignment. It may take several months to work them into the shelter, but as soon as possible we’ll start moving them from foster homes to the shelter for adoption.

Would you or someone you know be willing to be a temporary foster for this effort? If we can get at least ten very firm “yes indeeds†we’ll let the shelters down south know. If you’re already one of our dedicated fosters, we still need you, so please don’t volunteer for this if it means you’ll be unavailable for MEOW’s local kitties. We are still in desperate need of our foster families to help us through the rest of kitten season here in the northwest. Anyone ready, willing and able to sign up for this special mission of mercy, please contact Bonne at the shelter 425-822-6369 to complete a foster application. We will keep all interested parties up to date on our progress individually.