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We went out last night for a few hours and Tigger was out in the living room on the recliner when we got home. I sat in the room with him for a while and talked to him and he gave me the blinky eyes in return. When my husband came in, he jumped off the chair (poorly), ran away and hid under a bed where he still is this morning. Poor guy - the feral cat bonded only to me and only on his terms. You'd think after 9 years he would trust someone other than myself that he's lived with all his life (NOT). I wonder if I can get my husband to move out for a while until this is settled!?!?! (NOT)

I got the name of a few outstanding specialists thru a geriatric cat rescue group (I love these women - they only admit to having 6 cats over 20 years old and they do nothing but take in the senior cats that are discarded by others and let them live out their lives in dignity). I'm going to rerun the blood work in a few days and if there is no improvement, we go that route.

Keep the waves coming please!