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Wow! What a fabulous trip! I'm especially glad that you spent so much time in NZ! And that you and your BF got along so well...that's a pretty good sign for things to come!
WellingtonCats: Shame on you Sam! You're missing out on the best part!
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Those are excellent photos! Sounds like you had a great time...I am so jealous!!!
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Oh WOW Alexa, your pictures are awesome! What an amazing trip that must have been!
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The Pictures are beautiful! Thank you for sharing!
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Those are beautiful pictures, thank you so much for sharing them!!
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Originally Posted by Kiwideus
Mmmmmmmm good old kiwiland there! My parents have a holiday home on the west coast, not too far from the pancake rocks (punakaikai) so the west coast is very familiar to us! Great pics Alexa, I loved them! Ahhhh its good to be back home!

Sam, you really have to take a trip around the south island, there is so much to see and do here, its wonderful!!!!! Let me know if you ever take a trip down south and maybe we will meet up!
Definitly, Kellye! I've been a promised a trip down to Christchurch(for a show of course!) and we'll drive all through the South in March, so I hope it happens - if so I'll let you know!
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Sounds like you had an excellent time, it must have been wonderful to be off work for so long!

I'll add my vote in to see some more photos too
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