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Your stunning Kahekili is in my thoughts and prayers. Bless his brave heart... I know you will do whatever you can to help him, no matter what that may be. My heart aches for you and your wife as I can only imagine how difficult this is for you all and Kahekili.

I pray that something can be done to help your brave boy .
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Thanks to all of you for the kind words, support and good vibes. It's much appreciated!
Kahekili is pretty much the same today, except that when we exercised him, he showed some signs of pain. We massage his limbs and move them around to get the blood flow going and this morning he was clearly uncomfortable about some of it.
I don't know if that is a good sign or bad sign, but I have a call into our vet.
Now if this hurricane will get over with so he can call back.
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Oh thats a shame I hope it's nothing, but your doing everything you can until you see the vet remember that
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Poor baby - he looks like such a sweetheart!
I really hope you find out what is wrong, this must be awful for you

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Just caught up Giant hugs to you and lots of prayers and well wishes for the gorgeous boy! Hope someone can help him! I am so sorry this is happening!
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I can find no words to express my dismay for you and your family. It makes my heart hurt so I can only imagine what you must be feeling and going through.

Thoughts and prayers to you and your family.
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I am sorry to hear about your and your beloved Bengal's delimma. I agree with the idea of looking into getting kitty wheels made. I know several cats who adjust very well to living with no legs and move around extremely well with little carts. In fact, cats adjust far better than we humans do!! I would see if the vet can help the pain tho - cats are usually good at hiding pain so the fact he showed he was uncopmforatable is somewhat worrying - if the source of the pain is found, that would be so helpful!

There are some amazing sucess stories of pets out there - please don't give up yet!
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Took the boy into the vet again today and got him juiced up with another steroid shot to relieve any inflamation he might have in and around his spine.
He also got a shot of vitamin B12.
He's in better spirits now and has regained enough movement to roll over on his own....that really made his face happy. Ours too!
He even let out a little happy bengal chirp (you bengal owners know what I mean)
We got him an appointment Monday with a Neurologist at the University in Raleigh (Vet college). He'll get a MRI and I pray they'll find something we can get fixed.

It sure helped to have all your support on this thread...thanks!!
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Oh thats some good news then isn't it! Be positive because they've come a long way in medicine
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I'm glad you got him an appt at the vet college. Hope they're able to give y'all some really good help. Keep us posted.
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I'm so gald he is feeling better! My heart goes out to you. I know how devastating this kind of thing can be to all who love the kitty. Have you considered homeopathic treatment at all? It's a viable option and sometimes has amazing results!

All the best to you and your lovely kitty!
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Wow I've only just caught up with this thread - I really hope you have some success with your little man at the University in Raleigh. I must say it does sound neurological so hopefully the MRI will shed some light. He is a stunning boy - I have always wanted a Bengal and what you say about his wonderful positivity and strength of character make it even more of a desire. He is obviously a beautiful cat in looks and nature and I really hope and pray that he pulls through - certainly sounds as though he has the strength of heart to do so. Best vibes and all the best luck in the world.
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I'm really happy that my information helped at all! I hope you can find what is wrong with him, and I know that the State Veterinary Hospital will take good care of you!
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SAD!!! I started crying OUT LOUD when I saw his picture after reading your post.
I too am saying prayers that you will be able to find a cure. PLEASE keep us posted.
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Hey thats good news about the appointment!
I'm glad he if feeling a bit brighter too

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You all have been so great in your support....we appreciate it more than you can imagine. It's hard to go through this sort of thing with your pets and even though we breed bengals, each one of these cats is our pet whom we cherish and would do anything for. So your well wishes make a big difference and we feel we aren't all alone in the battle to get our boy back to health.

Kahekili is gaining a bit more of his mobility back as of today. He's getting anti-inflamatory pills twice a day. (He sure loves me for pilling him 2 times a day..lol...uh...no he doesn't! He swallows it anyway and only gives me the "evil-eye" for a second or two.)
He actually sat up to eat his breakfast this morning.
The anti-inflamatories are doing their magic, so now he just needs to have his tests run on Monday and hopefully we'll get closer to getting this mystery solved.
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Your Cats are Beautiful, and I am praying for him, hopeing for him, and wishing every bit of magic there is for him,
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Oh such positive news!
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Thats excellent!!! Thats one hurdle crossed
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I have been reading your thread...
I am sending healing thoughts to your beloved kitty.
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I just finished reading through this thread, and I think you and your family are incredible people for helping your little kitty! You have done such an amazing job with him, and he's absolutely gorgeous! I just wanted to say I'm happy that he seems to be improving, even if it's just slightly. Good luck with him, stay strong, and keep hope alive!!!
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We returned home from NC State Vetrinary Med School a few hours ago. Three Vets had a good look at our boy, but at this point we don't know anything yet. Basically it could be any one of alot of different things. Spinal Tumor, bad disk, etc. etc.
He couldn't have his MRI or any other tests today, because he's on prednisone and it will interfere with the test results. So, he needs to finish his course of that drug, then give a few days for it to be completely out of his system....then back we go next Tuesday and he has to do an over-nighter.
We were a little disappointed that we didn't make any progress today. It's a 4 hour round trip drive.....kinda tough on a cat in his condition.

I wish I had something more concrete to post.

We're all still hanging in there.
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Just hang in there, i can imagine how frustrating it must be, but hopefully they'll be able to find the problem now.
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One step at a time - I'm sure you will get some answers next tues

Give yourself a pat on the back

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Have only just read this, and good on you for not giving up on him. Although the specialist couldn't do anything, at least some of the things he said could be treated, and he is willing to do the tests rather than fob you off. IT is brilliant news that the anti-inflammatories are having an effect.
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How's our young mister doing? do they think it's a genetic problem or not?
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I have no idea how it was done, but one man put together a harness with little wheels on the back for his dog that lost the use of his back legs. It was the cutest thing. The dog could run all over then place and just loved the harness. Perhaps something like that could be developed for your baby. I know darn well he would end up out racing you!!!!
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How is Kahekili?

I hope your appointment goes well!

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More good news!

I dropped the boy off at the Vet School this morning for all his tests. He has been walking on his own for the last 4 days and seems to be getting better day by day. Last night he played "Bengal Indy-500" with his buddies in the house. I can't tell you how good it was to see him run and enjoy himself so much.
I explained all this to his doc's and they were hopeful but cautiously optimistic, as are we, since this is his second episode of this problem. So today he gets his battery of tests, pokes and prods and we will see what is found.
So far today he passed his reflex and full physical exam with flying colors, but we have no explanation yet as to why he became virtually paralyzed. I am expecting a call later today with more results and I will post them in this thread.
We're not out of the woods yet, there has to be some explanation for his symptoms, but we are all definately in better spirits and there seems to be more hope for a positive outcome to his ordeal.
He was of course a huge hit at the front desk and waiting room. Everyone ooohed and ahhh'd over him and he got pet and held more than he probably wanted.

Made me feel better though, even if he was mildly exasperated by all the attention.
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Oh that is soooo good to hear !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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