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Sometimes its hard to do whats right

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I swear to goodness sometimes its hard to do whats right. You know? With the financial drain lately with steves ex pooba and with us trying to get preg. I am selling three of my horses. One of them, I really do not want to sell but she is the one with the most black purebred Alada Baskin bred mare. but its the right thing. I dont have as much time as they deserve and Vixen is going to be having a baby in the spring, and who knows maybe me too. why does doing the right thing have to be so hard to do sometimes! and the market stinks! but i am not after money at all on this one. just good homes.

Well....i have had offers on vixen..but a promise is a promise..and shesn ot going no where plus her baby is Alada Baskin bred at least...i will have that. HOPE ITS A GIRL.

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It will be ok....
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Thanks guys. I know I will be fine as long as I have my Vixen. the sad thing is...

I have training places reserved for both two year olds, LMAO

Oh well. I decided i am going to talk to the trainer about it. And perhaps I can use those two spots, and combine them. and send Vixen to the trainer for a month once her baby is weaned for some "brush up work" Ha...
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I'm sorry you have to find new homes for your horses. That has to be a tough decision.
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Yeah it is. But i keep Vixen thats whats important shes my rock!
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Gosh, when I started to read your post, I thought for a minute you were having to sell Vixen . I'm sorry you have to sell your others though
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Sorry you have to sell soem of your horses. Hope it all goes ok.
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goes out to you.. and
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Thanks guys! way Vixen aint going no where! that darn horse is gonna out live me in theory anyways
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I'm so sorry, Katie. What a difficult decision for you! My heart goes out to you.

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Thank you.
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hang in there im sorry about all of this i hope things get better for you
[take things one day at a time]
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Thank you. i am really ok with this choice. *nods* means i can spoil Vixen more..
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Hello friend. I know the struggles you are having. We have to believe that it WILL get better. HUGS to you!!!!

I had a study session tonight with a classmate. Whew! Field ecology sucks! I swear that teacher makes this class deliberately difficult. It's really disgusting...anyway. I'm hear at the library and getting ready to print some things out on SCIDs for my genetics paper.

Hugs and Luv ~ Charity

p.s. Got a new sig from Hope.
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Its very nice. she makes lovely sigs. yeah struggles are struggles..but ah well things will get better they have too..LOL
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I surely hope things are getting better for you.

I saw your thread about your horses on dh.
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Gonna be heading to home now. I'm sooo tired. *sigh* I got a 20 minute drive home too. Pluck!!! At least I got something accomplished tonight, college-wise. Now I gotta go get my copies of those scid articles.

Hugs and sleep some tonight.
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Hope you get some too.
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