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Hey Dawn, please send me some crockpot recipes that I can use. I would love to start cooking again.

I also love to buy the grill as I love meat. I want to grill chicken, fish, and beef(carne asada. I would also love to grill green onions.

I want to get this one gadget were you can chop veggies easily. I cannot cut onions as I have very sensitive eyes and I start crying whenever I start to chop them. Its been on tv recently.

I also want to get this one pan for cooking pancakes. You don't need a spatula. You just pour the batter into the pan and close the lid. Then, flip it over so the other side can cook. Then just place them on the plate.
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Well, thanks to this thread I just pulled out a bag-o-chicken for dinner tonight...plopped it in the sink before I read the label though, and the inks pretty much gone, so I'm not sure what I seasoned it with...looks kinda orange, so I'm guessing either Italian or BBQ? :laughing2

Oh wait, theres chives in there too....hmmmm, what the heck did I use?

:LOL: Mystery Meal! :LOL:
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How didyou guys know my butt shakes then I use the Rotato???
You been peering in my windows again?:tounge2: :tounge2:
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Deb, are you going to tell me what a rotato is??? I hate peeling potatoes, and this could be the solution!
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Oh Debby ........this is soooooooo exciting!!

Go to

It really works! Can peel anything. You stick it on - turn the handle and watch it peel away! I take the peels from the taters and make shoe string homefries with them. yummy yummy yummy!!!!!!

You MUST order one NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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In the search section type in Rotato. I found it easier there.
For $17.95 you too can own your own rotato!!
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I copied that down, and when I have more time, I am going to go order one!!!! I can't wait!! My hubby eats tons of mashed potatoes, and peeling them always hurts my wrists ( I think I have carpel tunnel) so anyway, this is going to be awesome! THANKS!!!
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Those anyone else have problems with onions? I love to eat them with my meals(especially on hamburgers), but I cry all the time!
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Use the Rotato!!!!!
No more tears..........
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Hey Deb...are you getting some kind of kickback from the Rotato people? :LOL: There's a As Seen On TV shop in the mall next to me, I wonder if they have it? I want one now, with my MS sometimes I don't have much strength in my hands and it sounds like this gadget would be a blessing.

Nena, peel th onion under cold running water, that helps cut down on the fumes when ya cut it.
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Hate to admit it - but I am the queen of infomercials.
They SHOULD pay me....

My hands are weak too with the MS, and how about those tremors??
The old Rotato sure makes the tater peeling easy for me. My guys love dem 'taters.
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dicing onions under cold water. Darn near drowned before I got the sucker done. Do you guys have ANY idea how HARD it is to hold your breath in a Canadian lake in December???:jarswim: :LOL: :LOL:
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It's February now KF...maybe you should try it again?
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I made steaks on the GFG last night. My SO who loves steaks, and is a die hard charcoal grille fan, acually said 'that George Foreman makes a good steak!' I pointed out he had a little help from me, because i did dust them with olive oil and season them. If the SO liked the steaks, anyone would. He's so picky about his meat.

Melissa, you gotta go get one! And Ken, I really think Sandie needs one as well
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Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I tried your suggestion,really I did,but I'm afraid it didn't work. That doggone lake was frozen nearly to the bottom;took me 2 days to dig down far enough to find water and then there was only 2 inches. I sat in the hole for hours hoping enough water would run in to try,but it just froze the rest of the way. Then I discovered the dratted onion was froze so hard you couldn't cut it anyhow. It took me most of yesterday to climb out of the hole. I do hope you're not too disappointed.

I also hope my BUTT thaws out by spring.
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Colby..My next two investments will be a crockpot (I found a 5 qt one I may get soon) and a GFG. My hubby has been reading this thread and he looked at me the other day and said 'We have GOT to get one of those!' :LOL: Actually, when hes home from work at mealtime (a rarity) hes an excellent cook so I think he'll probably take over ownership of it once we get one :laughing2
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I had a GFG for a few years, was excited about it at first, but got really tired of the pain that it was to clean.

Then I found the Health Zone grill by ?Windmere? (maybe). Not only are the grill surfaces removable, they are also dishwasher-safe! Now, it doesn't tilt like the GF grill, but I just stick a big knife under the back feet when I cook something with lots of fat (that's not too often, though). It also has a little removable drawer instead of the drip tray, and it's bigger than the trays so you don't have to change it as much.

I bought mine at Canadian Tire, but I have seen them at Zellers and Costco as well. It was about $60. It works as well as the GF grill, but without all the cleaning hassles. You just wait until it cools, then pop the grills and the drip drawer into the dishwasher. Even if you don't have a dishwasher, it is easier, since you can put the stuff right into the sink.
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This is so wierd! My husband was telling me last night that his board was talking about these grills (he's on a body building board) and now he wants one. I said that's great because I want one too. He was suprised that we were talking about them on a cat site, but I asked him how much more strange it is that they were talking about them on a body building site. Anyway, I bet I'll get one now! Where can you buy them?
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You can get them at Wal-Mart, Target, well just about anywhere! I know Sears has a big variety in the different models.
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Well, isn't that convenient. We're on our way to Target today. I'll have to check them out!
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did you get one?!?!?!?
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I didn't. Simply because I was already spending $80 at Target, and the grill I wanted/needed for the size of our family was $125. But I will someday soon!
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Be prepared to pay the full ticket price when you do. They absolutely never go on sale.
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Ain't that the truth!

They really never do
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If you don't want to cry while peeling onions (according to Martha Stewart) chew gum. I would like a GFG, but as the hubby is the main cook & he doesn't want one I doubt we'll ever get one .
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